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“Zuo Son” turned into a comedy-Episode 1 of Zuo Son

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Today, someone told me that the TV series of #複婿# has started. I have been chasing this novel for several years, and now it is actually made into a TV series. I watched the first episode first. In some places, I really don’t feel good about it.

First of all, the beginning of this time is quite interesting. I can’t write the Shang Zhan essays written by the street writers. I can only cut it in half, but I am not reconciled. I can only change from the Shang Zhan essay to the traverse essay. The request, the element of comedy was added, so a shopping mall elite Jiang Haochen disappeared, and his son-in-law Ning Yi appeared. Although this opening setting is different from the original, it can be considered ingenious. I just don’t know if this writer is a guest appearance on Banana, but if it is, it is an interesting easter egg.

When the feature film Ning Yi started to play, he began to release himself in various ways. They all said that according to the wishes of Party A’s father, he added comedy elements, and naturally Guo Qilin played his ancestral funny ability. To be honest, Guo Qilin’s appearance always seemed a bit childish, without the temperament of the blood-handed man Tuxin Demon in the original book, so the whole film began to develop into a funny aspect.

But the routine is a bit older. For example, the back view of trying on the wedding dress was deliberately taken very beautifully. Everyone thought it was the heroine who made a stunning appearance, but when he turned around, it was the old woman and the cow aunt. But it’s understandable to ask Aunt Niu to help try on the wedding dress. Can you also try on the rouge lipstick headdress? The Merchant’s House does not seem to have any rules.

There are also some problems with the plot. Although Ning Yi initially thought that Aunt Niu was Su Tan’er due to the misunderstanding of the wedding dress, later in the family meeting, whether it was judged from the position of each character in the room or from the costume. You should be able to make correct judgments. It’s really fascinating to be able to recognize the wrong person at this time. Such a mind will always find it harder to be a bloodhanded man in the future.

I have to see that Ning Yi’s acting is a bit unsuccessful. At any rate, it was also the soul of business elite Jiang Haochen who passed through it. How do you feel that this is not an elite of the mall, but more like an ordinary social youth, who has done tens of billions of large projects. Have seen? Would you still care about your fiancee’s face like a hairy boy?

On the contrary, Song Yi’s Su Tan’er performed well, at least quite satisfactory, and there is nothing to complain about. Looking forward to the next performance. In general, the original party should not count on this drama, just treat it as a cross comedy. It is estimated that one day it will be adapted into a cartoon to have the taste of the original.

To make this novel into a comedy, it seems that Party A’s father really gave too much, so what’s the point of the second episode? Let’s talk about it in the next episode.



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