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 ZingSpeed ​​Mobile: What you need to do to become a “King of the Track”

ZingSpeed ​​Mobile: What you need to do to become a “King of the Track”

Most newcomers to ZingSpeed ​​Mobile will think that spending money to own and upgrade A-class racing cars or buy “genuine” Pet can achieve high rankings in the game. But the truth is that it is just one of many factors that a “pro player” player in ZingSpeed ​​Mobile needs. Let’s find out, to be able to become the “King of racing” in ZingSpeed ​​Mobile, we will have to do what offline.

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Things needed to become “King of the track”

Catch the track

The first and perhaps most important factor, is the understanding of the racetrack. For any rider, memorizing the path he will take will help them know in advance bends, terrains, or shortcuts. This helps the racer not be surprised and handled slowly in diverse racing terrain.

Diverse maps in ZingSpeed ​​Mobile
Diverse maps in ZingSpeed ​​Mobile

Even for skilled players, it is not possible to deal with unexpected obstacles on the track in time, as well as not being able to grasp the shortcuts that help reduce the distance. Knowing the track also helps the racer find tips for himself when going through those racing maps, such as where to use Nitro or even change the race car to best suit the terrain of the terrain. racing map.

You can create single rooms, select the map to practice then lock the slots and race alone. Keep “training” like that until you know the track, and when playing against other racer, you will be much more confident.

Create a workout map alone
Create a map and practice alone

Skills Training

The second thing that you need to pay attention to, is practicing racing skills. Maybe when you just started playing ZingSpeed ​​Mobile, you will bump continuously, run out of Nitro points and be far behind. But do not be discouraged, persevere in practicing and learning the skills. Start practicing the basic techniques in the Training -> Techniques section. Here, you will be instructed by small NPCs about skills to be able to accelerate better as well as use a combination of Boost, Drift and Nitro to achieve the highest efficiency.

Basic technical table
Basic technical table

Simple example such as the Drift left then Drift right in a corner will create 2 times Mini Boost helps to push your speed up a bit. Or using brakes combined with Drift in the bend will avoid collision with the terrain.

After mastering the basic techniques, in the process of racing racer will still need to learn and accumulate more advanced techniques not included in the instructions of the NPC. Like how to fill up Nitro as quickly as possible without slowing down the car. It seems like a simple racing game, but the techniques in the game are not that simple!

Own good cars and upgrade them.

And the last thing as mentioned at the beginning of the article, it’s about the cars. In Zingspeed Mobile, there are two main types of cars: cars and motorbikes. There are also skis used exclusively in skateboard mode or the huge Monster Truck in super racing mode. Each vehicle in ZingSpeed ​​Mobile has its own indicators such as road speed, acceleration, grip … and is classified from D to S. The higher the vehicle class, the more the car’s stats are improved. a little bit better, and some also have special abilities. So, when driving “good” cars, you will also feel your speed improved markedly.

High-class cars have very impressive stats
High-class cars have very impressive stats

To be able to own good cars is not too difficult. When the game always offers events or rewards for players with racing cars for a limited time or even forever. Besides, the racer also need to upgrade his racing car to be able to maximize its power. After the upgrade, the indicators of road speed, mini-boost power are increased comprehensively; and especially, the upgrade will be 100% successful, so this is one of the features that are worth the investment racer. How upgrade, Download.com.vn will guide you in the next article offline.

In addition, ZingSpeed ​​Mobile also has the ability to upgrade the index for you when passing the driver’s license, or the pet feature is extremely cute and also offers special effects to help racer too. Hopefully the article has been helpful for those new to the race of ZingSpeed ​​Mobile. See you in the following articles on Download.com.vn.

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