Zidane did something unprecedented out of anger

Zidane did something unprecedented out of anger

Real Madrid boss Zinedine Zidane was furious with referee Juan Martinez Munuera and his associates when Los Blancos were held 2-2 by Sevilla at home.

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Zidane’s side needed a 94th-minute goal from Belgian star Eden Hazard to escape the loss of a crucial score in the race to the La Liga championship.

However, the main focus of the match revolved around referee Munuera’s decision as he withdrew his decision to give Real Madrid a penalty and instead give Sevilla a penalty.

Zidane was furious and he claimed the referee’s decision in this match could cost Real Madrid the championship title in the coming weeks.

Zidane said in post-match interview with Marca: “I don’t understand anything from the referee. If Militao touches the ball, then Sevilla will use his hand to play.”

According to Zidane, this was the first time he complained about the referee: “I am not convinced by what Munuera told me. I never talked about the referee, but today I am very angry”

“We deserve better results because the second half Real Madrid played brilliantly and we will fight our breath until the end of the season.”, the French military rulers confirmed.

Real Madrid’s draw brought a La Liga championship advantage to rival Atletico Madrid after a 0-0 draw against Barcelona over the weekend.

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