Zhong Nanshan appeared at the premiere of "Chinese Doctor", Yuan Quan second became a fan of the girl, tears were moved and paid tribute to the scene

Zhong Nanshan appeared at the premiere of “Chinese Doctor”, Yuan Quan second became a fan of the girl, tears were moved and paid tribute to the scene

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On July 9th, the film “Chinese Doctor” held its premiere in Guangzhou. The main creators Yuan Quan, Zhang Hanyu and others also came to the scene to promote the film.

On that day, Yuan Quan was wearing a white short T with the Chinese doctor printed on it, and paired with a pair of black slacks. The dress was simple and down-to-earth, and her short hair made her look neat and refreshing.

Zhang Hanyu is still the tough guy style as always, with the same color shirt in the black suit, solemn and casual, and the whole person looks very kind.

In addition to a few key creative personnel, Academician Zhong Nanshan also came to the premiere. After seeing Zhong Nanshan, Yuan Quan second became a fan girl, bluntly saying that he was so excited that he didn’t know what to say. In addition, Yuan Quan also expressed to the medical staff and their families. Sincere respect, I couldn’t help but shed tears on the scene, and I was very moved.

“Chinese Doctor” is a collection of the entire class of “Chinese Captain”, as well as Yi Yanqianxi, Zhang Zifeng, Zhu Yawen, Tong Liya and others. The cast has a strong cast, which perfectly presents the suffering and difficulties of the two years. It is zoomed in through the lens. Everyone’s emotions, doctors, nurses, every hero, and many ordinary people have a sense of tension and firmness in the face of the epidemic.

The most eye-catching is the three leading actors, Yuan Quan, Zhang Hanyu and Zhu Yawen. The three have their own story lines, which truly reflect the doctor-patient relationship at the time, and the calmness of the attending physician when facing patients brings stability to the side. , It seems that the audience feels immersively that they are in the dire and hot Wuhan.

In addition, Yi Yang Qianxi, Ou Hao, Zhang Zifeng and others all appeared for a few minutes and wore masks. In fact, such a scene is a test of acting skills. The mask covers the face and can only be expressed through eyes. However, several actors are very good, showing the best performance in the limited time.

Thanks to these loveliest people, let us live in the spring breeze.


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