Zhao Wenzhuo finally offered his first director's work, but it was called a low-profile version of "Wolf Warrior"

Zhao Wenzhuo finally offered his first director’s work, but it was called a low-profile version of “Wolf Warrior”

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Recently, the first film “Counterattack” directed by Zhao Wenzhuo suddenly announced its schedule and squeezed into the Spring Festival file. This work did not land on theaters, but was broadcast on online platforms.

For the Spring Festival of 2021, there are not only theater movies such as “Detective Chinatown 3” and “Assassination of Novelists”, but also a number of major online movies with a strong lineup, and “Counter Strike” is one of them.

Not long ago, “The Legend of Shaolin Temple Depot” directed by Tang Jili was released on New Year’s Day. This new work brought together actors such as Wang Baoqiang, Ni Dahong, Wu Mengda, and Liu Haoran. Wang Baoqiang starred in this film Depot. The cast is very strong, and “The Legend of Shaolin Temple” can be on the big screen.

In 2021, the Spring Festival file has a new highlight, that is, the Spring Festival file online movie, Zhao Wenzhuo’s “Counter Strike” is scheduled to be released on the fourth day of the Lunar New Year, avoiding the peak of the Spring Festival file. Judging from the trailer, plot introduction and other materials, “Counter Strike” is a military action movie that looks a lot like “Wolf Warrior” directed by Wu Jing. Some netizens even pointed out that this is the low-profile version of “Wolf Warrior”.

“Counter Strike” once exposed a trailer. Although it was only 1 minute long, the action scenes were intensive and looked very hot, including naval battles, air battles, and land battles. In the new film “Counterattack”, Zhao Wenzhuo fights, hand-to-hand, gunfight, sniper, fighting in the jungle, etc., to an unstoppable rhythm. Through the trailer, you can feel that the role played by Zhao Wenzhuo is an omnipotent warrior who can go to heaven and earth, and is equal to the cold front in “Wolf Warrior”. The movie “Strikes Back” is about the security expert Lu Ziming being framed abroad. In order to prove that he is an innocent man, Lu Ziming, who is super able to fight, fights with a group of extremely vicious criminals.

Zhao Wenzhuo is a well-known action actor. His representative works include “Green Snake”, “Knife”, “Fang Shiyu”, “Once Upon a Time: The Four Winds of Kings”, “New Huo Yuan Jia”, “The Storm” and so on.

Zhao Wenzhuo, who has been practicing martial arts since he was a child, has been acting in movies since 1991. He has been on the scene for 30 years and has appeared in many classic screen roles. Nowadays, I finally directed a movie by myself, but unfortunately, it was only on the Internet and not shown in theaters.


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