Zhang Zixuan's happy daily life, mother and daughter three awkward dances are funny and warm, and her elder daughter draws a confession of flowers

Zhang Zixuan’s happy daily life, mother and daughter three awkward dances are funny and warm, and her elder daughter draws a confession of flowers

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On the afternoon of January 26, Zhang Zixuan, who hadn’t shared his family’s daily life for a long time, showed the eighteenth square grid in succession, and jokingly wrote: “If you don’t bubbling again, I am afraid that you will really lose your account password! Do you miss me???”. From the perspective of Zhang Zixuan’s business stance, this is to make up for the recent one-month-old development!

In the beginning, Zhang Zixuan rarely took a photo with her mother, and continued to ridicule herself, “The secret to my mother’s continued beauty is to insist on having a beautiful face.” In the photo, Mother Zhang is sitting behind her daughter, with her shoulder-length hair cut, wearing a red and black shirt, wearing glasses, and looking into the camera with a smile, with a gentle temperament.

As Zhang Zixuan, who is a hot mom of two babies, naturally there are more two daughters in the photos posted. The little daughter under Zhang Zixuan’s lens stepped barefoot on the floor, holding a cloud balloon in her hand and looking up, revealing a small fleshy face, full of cuteness.

Zhang Zixuan showed her eldest daughter’s birthday photos. The 4-year-old An An’s head and double ponytails lay on her mother in a white princess dress. She looked like a princess. At this time, Zhang Zixuan, who was holding her daughter, smiled with a double chin, full of happiness.

Zhang Zixuan, who is a child in the house, removed her star halo and took her two daughters to dance together. Zhang Zixuan’s legs were slightly bent and shook her body, An An twisted her hands together, as for Saki Saki, she just had to climb the coffee table when she was just one year old. The three dances of the mother and daughter are obviously not in the same channel, and the style of painting is very weird but also revealing. Full of warmth.

My sister An An has always liked to paint, so when new paints are available, she has to paint even if she is wearing a sleeping bag. With paint on her hair, she is really a “painting baby” in seconds.

It is said that her daughter is her mother’s intimate little padded jacket, and An An is no exception. Zhang Zixuan, who personally painted flowers for her mother, and can easily receive her daughter’s gift on weekdays, feels very happy in her heart.

Zhang Zixuan showed her eldest daughter’s back photo, and An An’s head was tied into a ponytail with long legs to steal the spotlight online.

In addition to showing her daughter, Zhang Zixuan also posted photos of her own illustrations and drinking afternoon tea. It is relaxed and cozy, and every frame is a taste of happiness.

Zhang Zixuan, who married Chen He, is not bad in real life, but she still insists on being her own clothing brand, and she is still a model herself, independent and capable.

Zhang Zixuan took a photo with the mirror, with delicate makeup and hair. Even though she has given birth to two daughters, she is still very good at maintaining her figure.

Although Zhang Zixuan and Chen He have been married for many years, the outside world is still full of bad voices. However, in the face of outside doubts, the couple never responded. They are still busy with their business and family, and they will live a wonderful and happy life. And recently, whether it is Chen He or Zhang Zixuan, each other’s figures have appeared in each other’s social dynamics. It seems that it is not far from the couple’s face-to-face show of affection!

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