Zhang Zhehan, Gong Jun untied, Yi Yang Qianxi finished, Yang Zi team offended people, Shen Yue was busy losing weight

Zhang Zhehan, Gong Jun untied, Yi Yang Qianxi finished, Yang Zi team offended people, Shen Yue was busy losing weight

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Yi Yang Qianxi

Yi Yang Qianxi’s “Changjin Lake” will be finished almost this month, at the beginning of next month at the latest. The brand party directly put forward the request for renewal cooperation in the contract before, which also recognized Yiyang Qianxi’s business capabilities over the years. Yiyang Qianxi felt that the brand’s wind direction was also good, so they continued to cooperate. , And for him, this is also a sign of business improvement. Tiffany chose to announce the official announcement now, because it is about to be finalized and can go to make up the brand new materials, so it is announced now. Qianxi’s exit not only has brand materials to be photographed, but also magazines and events. And the next film and television plan is still film.

Zhang Zhehan Gong Jun

Zhang Zhehan and Gong Jun are regarded as the biggest dark horse this year, and the popularity is also rising. Many business activities require two people to work together, because their CP is currently very hot. “Longing for Life” also communicated with the teams on both sides to fly together. The two-person team had already refused CP marketing, but still didn’t want to let go of the opportunity for exposure. The hype of the show group also began to warm up, two people It’s going to be combined for business again. Zhang Zhehan’s resources have always been good. Behind him are Yu Zheng and Zhao Wei. Both of them take good care of him. They will think of him if they have good resources. After “Shanhe Ling”, his coffee position went up a lot, and the “Miao Ou Tiancheng” that was previously scheduled to be partnered with Chen Yao is no longer ready to take it. The team has been in touch with the male lead of the new noon drama “My Superhero”, a criminal investigation drama in Taochang and an urban drama in talks. Whether the dividend can be maximized depends on his next drama.

Yang Zi

Yang Zigang participated in the recording of Mango’s new season of slow life variety show. Her relationship with Mango has been maintained very well. She has participated in many popular variety show reality shows in Mango. Yang Zi attaches great importance to the right to speak, so he has spent a lot of thought on the flow of traffic. In fact, Yang Zi herself has a good reputation in the industry. Whether it is acting or character, she is praised by cooperating actors and staff, but the team will occasionally drag her back. The team is mainly for the benefit of Yang Zi. It is not too big a problem. It is just that the handling method may be excessive, which makes some partners feel very bad.

Shen Yue

Thanks to Shen Yue’s new relationship, it’s exploding now. If it bursts out when the heat is high before, it will directly affect her many resources, but now she doesn’t have much resources for publicity. If the relationship is exposed, it will be given to her. There was a wave of heat. Shen Yue spent a lot of time trying to lose weight, eating, exercising, and fitness, but the effect was not obvious. She has been ridiculed because of her height. There is no way to change this, but the weight can be controlled.

There is an actor who was really good at acting, but was complained about greasy in the later period. During his hottest period, he was filming and was invited by the rich woman to participate in various meals. Sometimes he would do hairdo with the rich woman. At that time, he could earn a million by participating in a dinner, and he would really enjoy playing with young models while earning money from a rich woman.


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