Zhang Chunye, the first leg of the host world, eclipses the female stars of ``Masked Dancer''
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Zhang Chunye, the first leg of the host world, eclipses the female stars of “Masked Dancer”

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Unexpectedly, “Masked Dancer” created by the original crew of “Masked Singer Guessing Guess” did not catch on, but the host of this show: Zhang Chunye.

Zhang Chunye is currently the head of Jiangsu Satellite TV. She is not only the host of Jiangsu Satellite TV’s ace program “New Blind Date”, but also has been featured in New Year’s Eve parties in recent years, and she is the only hostess in the host team.

Although Zhang Chunye’s name is not as loud as Hunan Satellite TV’s Xie Na, Wu Xin, Shen Mengchen and others, Zhang Chunye’s professional capabilities are not at all inferior to the former, and even far better than most female hosts in China in terms of professional capabilities.

But even viewers who don’t pay much attention to Jiangsu Satellite TV, I believe they all know Zhang Chunye, after all, she has the reputation of “the first leg in the hosting industry”.

Compared with the previous “New Blind Date Conference” and various large-scale evening parties, the show “The Masked Dancer” is more entertaining, so the host’s dress code is more casual.

It is precisely for this reason that Zhang Chunye, who has a 175cm tall figure, also used his strength to tell the audience what “walking clothes hanger” means on the stage of “The Masked Dancer”.

In the first episode of the program, Zhang Chunye chose a short black cheongsam, coupled with a playful braid, and those who didn’t know thought that Zhang Chunye was participating in “This! It’s Hip-hop.

In the second episode, Zhang Chunye chose a red long suit and short leather pants, and matched a pair of flashy red high heels. The atmosphere and sweetness are full of coolness in an instant.

The look in the third episode of the show is the most common and most accustomed look of Zhang Chunye. After all, white dresses are common costumes for many evening parties.

In the fourth episode of the program, Zhang Chunye challenged the prevailing light familiarity again, and perfectly controlled the A-line skirts that many girls dared not try.

In the latest fifth episode, Zhang Chunye once again chose a long suit jacket and matched it with a pair of more eye-catching boots. The perfect leg shape once again conquered the audience.

Judging from the five appearances of Zhang Chunye’s “Masked Dancer”, Zhang Chunye knows how to show the advantages of her figure, especially her well-received legs.

It is precisely because of these small-scale appearances that not only Zhang Chunye himself has a higher degree of attention, but also drove the number of hits for the “Mask Dancer” program.

I have to say that Zhang Chunye really relied on his own efforts to pull the “Masked Dancer” program that was originally going to hit the street. Jiangsu Satellite TV and the program’s title dealer should really raise Zhang Chunye’s salary.

Of course, not to mention that it is a male audience. Even if most female audiences saw Zhang Chunye’s leg, they had to sigh: Is this leg real?

What’s even more annoying is that Zhang Chunye, who served as the host, eclipsed all the female stars who participated in “The Masked Dancer”.

Among the female artists that have been exposed, Li Fei’er, Zhang Li, Li Ziting, Wang Ju, Li Chun and others are all famous for their figures. Except for Wang Ju, everyone is not a professional dancer. The reason why they came to participate in “The King of Face Dance”, on the one hand, is to increase exposure, on the other hand, there is also an indispensable reason for wanting to show off your body.

But what they didn’t expect from each other was that instead of being overwhelmed by the same performers, Zhang Chunye, the host of the show, took the limelight.

Zhang Chunye only joined Jiangsu Satellite TV in 2012, and her development in Jiangsu Satellite TV is fairly smooth. After all, in the second year after joining, she hosted Jiangsu Satellite TV’s Year of the Snake with Meng Fei, Li Xiang, Li Hao, and Aya. Chinese New Year Party.

Although in the next few years, Zhang Chunye hosted several big and small shows, the audience could always see Zhang Chunye. As for some of the shows, it’s all because of Jiangsu Satellite TV’s positioning in variety shows and Hunan Satellite TV. The strategy of Zhejiang Satellite TV is different.

Of course, before Jiangsu Satellite TV became a domestic first-line satellite TV, it lacked a capable and audience-friendly female host. Even the current main male hosts Li Xiang and Li Hao were dug from Hunan Satellite TV.

Under such circumstances, Zhang Chunye, who was born in a science class at the Communication University of China and has a good appearance, was naturally trained as a hostess by Jiangsu Satellite TV.

Over the years, although Jiangsu Satellite TV still has not broken through Hunan Satellite TV’s monopoly in the variety show field, Zhang Chunye really did not live up to the trust of the station. Not only has he gained more and more recognition from the audience, but he has also cultivated a host style that is both elegant and harmonious, whether it is variety shows. It is still a formal party, she can easily control it, and some netizens even compare her with the female host of CCTV.

It is worth mentioning that before joining Jiangsu Satellite TV, Zhang Chunye was elected as a youth fan “Time Messenger” jointly selected by Hunan Satellite TV, China Youth Daily, and China University Media Alliance in 2010, and co-hosted the “2010” with He Jiong. May Fourth Adult Party”.

Just imagine, if Hunan Satellite TV had taken a fancy to Zhang Chunye at that time, and Zhang Chunye had stayed with Hunan Satellite TV, what would happen to her development now? Will threaten Xie Na’s first sister status? Still like the four little flowers every day, can’t go up or down?


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