Zencation James Bond Style...
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Zencation James Bond Style…

It is a coin word that combines Staycation, a Stay stay and a Vacation vacation, which we often hear recently, and is a new standard for a trip to stay at a nearby hotel without spending a long time. Staying at a nearby hotel doesn’t just mean staying there. This time, I used Hotel New Otani for staycation. The hotel has 37 restaurants, a 400-year-old Japanese garden, a historic teahouse and a retro-modern outdoor pool, and the prestigious hotel that was also the location of Sean Connery’s 007 James Bond series. Then, you can enjoy all the fun of such a trip at once. This time I stayed at Executive House Zen.

Staycation, the idea of ​​vacation in your own city.It brings to mind the feeling of just sitting at your local hotel or staying home.Imagine a vacation destination with 37 restaurants, a 400 year old Japanese garden once owned by a samurai, a 60’s retro modern swimming pool, a place where James Bond (Sean Connery) has been filmed, a tea house, scrumptious cakes and….

It’s all in Tokyo, at the Hotel New Otani. Nestled inside the Hotel New Otani is the Executive House Zen.

Executive House Zen is a super luxury hotel with the concept of “Hotel in Hotel” located on the 11th and 12th floors of the main building of Hotel New Otani. It’s just an “oasis in oasis”.

The Executive House Zen is an exclusive two-floor hotel within the Hotel New Otani, an oasis within an oasis.

Sophisticated decor and great views.

Beautiful rooms, with beautiful views.

Here you can enjoy 6 food presentations a day in the private lounge. The croissant from Pierre Hermé Paris at breakfast is one of the attractions here.

Executive House Zen has an exclusive lounge where dining presentations are offered six times per day, from breakfast to after-dinner libations, which include Pierre Herme croissants and macarons. Who can resist?

Of course, besides the lounge, there are 37 restaurants including Michelin stars such as TOUR D’ARGENT TOKYO, TRADER VIC’S TOKYO, Kyubey and Pierre Hermé Paris.

This is a buffet dining VIEW AND DINING THE SKY with a 360-degree view. You can experience a buffet with a wonderful view of Tokyo under thorough infection control such as disinfectant, temperature check, contact surface cleaning. At almost all stations, including roast beef, sushi, desserts, oven pizzas made of bricks, and tempura, the staff cooks them right in front of you, so it’s great for hygiene. For my kids who love buffets, I enjoyed delicious food as if it was heaven beyond the sky.

If the lounge isn’t enough there are 37, really 37! restaurants to choose from including Michelin stars like Tour TOUR D’ARGENT TOKYO, TRADER VIC’S TOKYO, Kyubey, Pierre Hermé Paris and much more.

The above photos are from View & Dining In The Sky, New Otani’s buffet with 360 degree views.I want to take this moment to explain how dedicated to health and safety the hotel is.At all points of the hotel there are sanitizers, temperature checks and cleaning of contact surfaces.
The buffet impressed me with their efforts.At almost all stations you inform the staff of which items you desire and all is prepared & plated for you to keep things sanitary.After it’s on your plate it’s gourmet heaven.Delicious roast beef, sushi, deserts , brick oven pizza, tempura… all you can eat.My kids were in paradise.

Speaking of heaven, we would like you to try Patisserie Satsuki’s new extra super shortcake inside. As you probably know on TV and other media, the cake made with carefully selected fruits and chicken eggs fed only with brown rice will be a special memory of your trip.

Speaking of heaven a heavenly cakes await you.

The Extra Super Melon Shortcake cake from Patisserie Satsuki has been featured on TV and media everywhere.A cloud of fresh cream, fresh fruits and cake made of eggs from chickens that have only been fed genmai rice! An indulgence you will never forget.

A vast Japanese garden that inherits the history from the Edo period. Appreciate the carps at the Kiyozumi pond in the garden, touch the garden stones, and think about the lanterns.

Currently, the hotel is holding night illuminations every day.

Still need to move? The 400 year old Japanese garden spans 10 acres. Stunning by day or at night.Can you count the 350 koi in the Seisen pond? Or find the Kasuga lantern from the Kamakura period (the years 1183-1333!) more antique lanterns and treasures are there to discover.

The appearance that became the stage of James Bond’s fifth work “You Only Live Twice” (James Bond dies twice).

Lastly strike a pose James Bond style before you go.Part of the James Bond classic “You Only Live Twice” was filmed here.

Executive House Please enjoy a wonderful staycation in a symbolic style unique to Zen and a sophisticated Japanese space.

I’m sure you will love the mix of iconic style and luxury at the Executive House Zen at the Hotel New Otani.Opened in 1964 for the Tokyo Olympics it’s still to this day an olympian of luxury.

If you’re looking for a staycation this summer, head to Hotel New Otani Executive House Zen at Preferred Hotels. We hope you all have a wonderful time in this hot summer.

If you are looking for other great staycation ideas…

I found the Hotel New Otani Executive House Zen via Preferred Hotels
Hope you have a cool summer..

Executive House Zen | Accommodation | Hotel New Otani (Tokyo)

Executive House Zen is a super luxury hotel with the concept of “Hotel in Hotel,” located on the 11th and 12th floors of The Main Hotel New Otani Main Building. We have 87 special rooms that feature food presentation 6 times a day in the lounge, design, amenities, and service.

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