ZA/UM Developer Interview: The final edited version of “Elysium Disco” brings new life to millions of lines

The lines of “Elysium Disco” total more than one million words, which is not an exaggeration. Compared with other works of the same type, such as “Lord of the Rings” and other masterpieces, there are three books in the whole series, and the number of words in the full text of “The Hobbit” is only twice the number of lines in “Elysium Disco”. However, in the past, most of the lines of “Elysium Disco” could only lie quietly on the screen, and in the upcoming final editing version, all the lines are dubbed, and the game plot can be presented to the players more vividly. , I want to know that it is not easy to achieve this.

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In order to understand how ZA/UM, the developer of “Elysium Disco”, completed all the dubbing, I sorted out related issues and consulted them. The chief screenwriter of ZA/UM, Helen Hindpere, wrote a 1549-word reply to me. This reply can be regarded as an extension of the game content itself, and it can also reflect the impact of the text on the ZA/UM studio. importance.

Hindpere told me: “I just read an interview with my idol former Soviet poet Arvi Siig in his fifties. He mentioned: Poetry should belong to the broad masses of people. I was shocked when I heard this statement. Stay, this is what I feel. “Elysium Disco” is a single-player adventure game, and we also hope that as many players as possible can play it.”

At present, the silent original version of “Elysium Disco” has been released on PC and Mac, and the final edited version will be launched on the PlayStation platform in March, and will be sold on Xbox and Switch platforms in 2021. These new platforms will also give this The game brings more players. Hindpere pointed out: “Dubbing is more suitable in the form of games, especially role-playing games. For console games, dubbing is also important. TV screens are not as easy to read text as computer screens, so players need dubbing. .”

But the purpose of ZA/UM’s addition of all the storytelling voices this time is not just to make “Elysium Disco” be played by more people. When the studio initially wrote the game plot, it had already considered adding dubbing later, so the lines in the final edited version actually “maintained 99% similarity” to the original version. Moreover, the newly added content makes “Elysium Disco” closer to the original design concept.

Hindpere mentioned: “We have always wanted to design voices more like real dialogues. Unlike the deliberately designed lines in movies or books, what we want is a real and natural style. We have designed an unprecedented style. The huge dialogue tree allows players to experience the most authentic communication in “Elysium Disco”. Voice can further increase this sense of reality.”

Of course, if you want to create a real dialogue experience, you also need this talent. In the original version of “Elysium Disco” there is also a small part of the story with dubbing, which is also true and vivid. These dialogues are composed of “a small group of villains and friends, and friends of friends.” ZA/UM studio also used this dubbing this time as a blueprint for the final edited version.

Hindpere also said: “We need to dub all the characters this time, and not just at the beginning of the dialogue. The dialogue in the game will affect the psychology of the characters controlled by the player and open different plots, so we found Professional voice actors have re-dubbed part of the content. Of course, we also retain the voice actors we have been using, such as the two roles of Kim Socheng and Everat Claire. Their dubbing is still performed by Jullian Champenois and Tariq Khan served. The usual colorful style of “Elysium Disco” has also been continued, and new clips have been added.”

Finding suitable voice actors for different roles is also really difficult. Hindpere mentioned: “In order to complete a project, people from different parts of the world may be involved. For example, during the one-day voice recording process, we need to work with Moroccan rappers from the Canary Islands and Taiwanese The rapper teamed up, and then a Liverpool man joined in and dubbed Kunnuo. The entire dubbing process is quite international, I think this is how we find the right dubbing.”

Finding suitable voice actors for deserters and gray drivers is not a simple matter, but the biggest challenge ZA/UM encounters is to find a voice that fits through the entire game story. Hindpere emphasized that “The narration of “Elysium Disco” needs to read all the indirect plots in the game, including all the objects and interludes. But when we heard Lenval Brown’s amazing performance, we immediately determined that he was us The long-awaited narration can finally start recording the narration.”

Brown’s voice also appeared in the trailer. He was a jazz musician before participating in the game dubbing. In this final edited version of “Elysium Disco”, his voice will dominate more than half of the lines. In other words, he recorded more than 500,000 words of lines, which is equivalent to the number of words in “War and Peace” written by Tolstoy. “Without Lenval, the dubbing of “Elysium Disco” would not exist. He is the most important and basic character.” Hindpere said. In “Elysium Disco”, the role of narration is much more important than the NPC that guides the player to perform different operations. At the same time, as the narrator of the story, Brown also needs to express 24 different skills with sounds to represent the different voices in the mind of the protagonist of the game.

“Perhaps in this situation, most people will choose to use different voice actors for targeted dubbing, but believe me, Brown’s performance is impressive. There is actually an irritable side, cartoons in “Elysium Disco” It’s a very active side, but maybe some players haven’t seen it yet. Most people just think the rhythm of this game is very comfortable, just like lying on a sofa watching a dark detective series or reading a book. The game itself brings this kind of atmosphere to the players, and it is also very important to maintain this kind of atmosphere when narrating, and not to make the players feel like a group of hippies making fun of themselves.” Hindpere continued to explain.

Hindpere said: “The content of my answer is quite thorough, but what readers are reading now is, in the final analysis, an interview with the development team of “Elysium Disco”. We believe that players who buy this game will feel that it is superb. Value. After all, we have a unique mental system. There are 24 skills hidden in the protagonist’s brain. They co-exist in the post-cerebral cortex. Modern science also tends to store human consciousness in this location. We also explicitly include it in the development team list. This is a list. So all the skills involved in the game have the same sound. But the game also contains other brain sounds, such as the ancient reptile brain, limbic lobe system and spinal cord, which players can hear in their dreams Sound, the sounds made by these parts are not the same, because they are originally different parts of the protagonist’s brain.”

Finding suitable voice actors, retrieving familiar voices, and dubbing all the lines with more than one million words, ZA/UM took 14 months to complete all the work. When the world experienced the tribulations brought about by the epidemic, this small studio also experienced various difficulties. The recording was carried out in the form of a Zoom meeting, and the schedule was constantly adjusted, and finally it succeeded in bringing this work to the players.

Hindpere also clearly stated: “During this process, our entire studio is facing great challenges. Everyone participates in the dubbing process, and the director and actors work together. Every plot writer is on standby at any time and Proofread our own work. We are all responsible for ensuring the quality of our work. The final edited version will also be the last and ultimate perfect version of “Elysium Disco”.”

The final edited version is not only an extreme version, I think it also expresses the worldview of ZA/UM studio. I once vehemently discussed the city of Revachol and its sublime, but Hindpere reminded me that “Elysium Disco” itself is a weird world.

“”Elysium Disco” is very similar to the Eurodance group Joyride and the 2006 comedy “Crazy Night Fantasy”. It is the same reason we have been criticized recently, because it involves ghosts or existentialism.” Hindpere Mentioned, “This is indeed involved in “Elysium Disco”, but I think we are more similar to the Joyride Junior Group-Faster, Harder, Scooter!”

It is true that the title is very obvious. “Elysium Disco” shows that this game is indeed very wild. Players can even fight with their tie in this game. In the Doomsday Detective Route, the player will become a doomsday prophet who can perform various interesting and absurd operations. After having a complete dubbing, all aspects of the game will be more lively and interesting. It can achieve a certain balance with the dark and haunting music style of the British Sea Forces, and maybe it can give full play to the unique charm of the game itself. , To bring players a double enjoyment of audiovisual.

Hindpere also said after summarizing the effect of dubbing on the game: “It is a very luxurious experience to be able to hear the full dubbing in the game, and it can also bring higher output value, and further bring more direct to players. , A more personal gaming experience.”

“Elysium Disco” has been able to give players a feeling of direct dialogue with the game, but now, the player’s game experience has become similar to the relationship between the author and the reader. It comes with a unique intimacy, which is one of the reasons why I think the game story itself is very good. However, after understanding the real plot dialogue that players can experience, I am already looking forward to playing the final edited version soon. For those players who have not played this non-traditional RPG game on the console, the final edited version of “Elysium Disco” is also a good choice for the first experience.

Source: IGN China


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