Z – Tactical role-playing game featuring a unique survival theme

First Refuge: Z is a new tactical role-playing game of 37Games for players to survive in the world of Zombie.

It can be said that the theme of zombie has never been a boring topic in the game world from shooting, role-playing, survival, … In which, the tactical genre is no longer unfamiliar with the image of zombies. when there are many famous games on mobile platforms. Continuing that trend, the 37Games developer has just released a new zombie-themed strategy game called First Refuge: Z.

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The setting of the game is when humanity has been brought to the brink of extinction by a deadly zombie virus. The desperate actions of the survivors turn in vain in the face of dangerous bandits, ferocious zombies and sinister conglomerates wandering this wasteland, all scrambling sovereignty.

Your job is to command a group of survivors and build an underground fortress. It’s time to fight the invasion of zombies and fight against players from all over the world.

The gameplay of First Refuge: Z Mobile has a strong focus on tactical qualities, where gamers will get acquainted with two main tasks of building bases and fighting to expand influence with the people around.

With the construction aspect, the system allows you the freedom to create a private underground base with essential structures for survival. These buildings, players will have the right to upgrade to ensure the survival of the group, as well as develop enough strength to compete with other forces.

In terms of combat, the game gives you the freedom to occupy areas that are raging by zombies or even attack other players’ areas. However, unlike in the usual strategy games, gamers do not have large armies or pit units.

Instead, it was just a small group of 4 members with limited attack power and limited health. Therefore, you will have to choose carefully the location to deploy, as well as coordinate the skills of each person well if you do not want to fail. In general, First Refuge: Z owns the gameplay that is not too new but suitable for those who like the traditional zombie-themed strategy genre.

Download the game First Refuge: Z for AndroidAPK – IOS

Fanpage https://www.facebook.com/FRZW.37Games/

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