Since the FAZER8 (FZ-8S) was officially discontinued, the middleweight street sports car with power, flexibility and comfort has been absent from the YAMAHA product line. However, after HONDA launched the fully upgraded CBR650R and APRILIA also launched the performance street running RS660 equipped with parallel twin-cylinder engines last year, the battle in the middleweight street running market has gradually become fierce, and foreign media have also begun to circulate that YAMAHA will use MT. -07 as the base, launched a full-coil street sports car-style wind noise!

MT-07 will launch a fairing version? (Image source:

If you don’t come out now, when will you stay?

In the European and American markets, the MT-07 car series with high C/P values ​​is a good partner for many riders in track riding activities. Some manufacturers in the United States have launched a full fairing kit for the MT-07 track. “FZ-07R” and YAMAHA’s master middleweight imitation racing model YZF-R6 is currently facing the fate of being discontinued due to Euro5 environmental protection regulations, and then taking into account the aforementioned hot sales of CBR650R, RS660 and other cars. Although it cannot replace the YZF-R6 as a pure imitation of the market positioning, but if YAMAHA really intends to launch a full fairing version of the MT-07, to fill the current vacuum of the middleweight sports car product line is not surprising.

The fairing kit “FZ-07R” launched by an American refitting manufacturer. (Image source:

(Image source:

Although it cannot be listed, the YZF-R6 is currently on sale in the European market, the track-specific version “YZF-R6 Race Base”.

「YZF-R6 Race Base」。

However, this rumor is somewhat true, and there are no signs or evidence to explain it, and MT-07 wants to match RS660 and CBR650R, and there will be a significant upgrade in suspension equipment and electronic control. Let us look forward to YAMAHA really launching the YZF-R7 model as rumors, opening the Warring States era of the middleweight street sports car! There will be news about the full fairing version of MT-07 in the future, please continue to lock Moto7, we will continue to follow up and report for you!

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