@yuukitohikari flow! How to be good at cooking? 7 articles to answer the question
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@yuukitohikari flow! How to be good at cooking? 7 articles to answer the question

@yuukitohikari flow! How to be good at cooking? 7 articles to answer the question

macaroni’s official community “Macaroni Mate” delivers articles introducing original recipes and lifestyles! How can Yuuki Koto, who is good at cooking both rice and sake today, become good at cooking? Introducing 7 articles that answer the question! The point is to love cooking!

Updated February 27, 2020

Writer : yuukitohikari

The rice that my daughter will make happy.
A side dish to cook for my husband.
Snack to make with me that goes well with sake.
Here are some recipes to eat deliciously with standard ingredients.


How to be good at cooking? 7 articles to recommend to those who want to improve

Most of the cooking is self-study, but this time, “How to be a good cookI will write about.

I grew up in a family with mothers and children, so I started cooking when I was in junior high school, and after becoming a member of society, I experienced the work of making caterers and nursing food. Here are 7 articles I have been practicing to make cooking fun.

1. I want to see the smile of my family

5 year old daughter eating

Photo by yuukitohikari

5 year old daughter eating

I live with my husband and one daughter, and my family is very important in cooking every day. I want to see the “delicious smile” of my family, so I cook every day with a menu in mind, and when I am happy, I am really happy.

Actually, my daughter isn’t very curious about food (laughs) …

The trial and error that pleases such a daughter should help her improve her cooking.

2. For myself

Meat dish made as a side dish of sake

Photo by yuukitohikari

I love liquor, and drink it almost every day (my husband told me to make a day to give a liver break, and recently I started making it once a week).

When you want to drink beer, the side dish is izakaya-style fried food.

Italian for pasta or carpaccio when you want to drink wine.

If you want to drink sake, why don’t you order a small bowl of vegetables?

If you think in the mood of the day, it will not be a pain and you will rather enjoy it.

3. Listen to people’s opinions

Dining scene with multiple people

At dinner, I always ask my husband what the taste is about.

Sometimes it can be a hassle, but in order to improve your cooking, it is important to hear the opinions of the people who ate it. I listen not only to my family, but also to the opinions of my friends and mothers who give me frank opinions.

Of course, the opinion of the honest five-year-old daughter is also important.

4. Make a day to cut out

Dining table with pizza

Photo by yuukitohikari

For a housewife, kitchen work is everyday. That’s why sometimes taking a break is important.

In the case of me, when I don’t want to cook, I eat out or use the food service at a restaurant or pizza in the neighborhood, and immediately skip (laughs).

Thanks to that, I can enjoy my daily cooking without difficulty.
I think it’s necessary to charge and diverge to keep cooking fun.

5. Manage without hesitation

Food photos taken at the store

Photo by yuukitohikari

Food photos taken at the store

Whenever I eat out without taking a break, I always take a picture of the food.

I want to imitate it when the arrangement is beautiful, and I want to manage the seasoning and cooking method of something that was delicious to eat, so write it on my smartphone. I often get stimulated by eating out while taking a break.

For example, cheap chain stores have a lot of arrangement menus, so you can study. And it ’s delicious!

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