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Synopsis The main character, Yuri Katsuki, is a 23-year-old figure skating special strengthening player. Although he has the ability, his season ended without being selected for a big tournament after that, such as a big defeat due to his mental weakness in the Grand Prix Final that he participated in for the first time.SuQuote-Wikipedia


  1. The story of love dancing on the ice

    1. Figure skater everywhere
    2. Figure skating
    3. Yuri
    4. Expressiveness
    5. What you want to do
    6. Production
    7. The man who robbed Victor
    8. tension
    9. world
    10. beauty
    11. GP Final
    12. Player life
  2. General comment: Figure skating animation that is as clear as ice

    1. Personal impression: BL?

The story of love dancing on the ice

This work is a TV anime original work.
Directed by Sayo Yamamoto and produced by MAPPA.
At “Japan Animator Expo” as a prototype of this work
A work called ENDLESS NIGHT was also produced.
Although the movie version was announced in 2017, there is no follow-up report as of 2020.

Figure skater everywhere

Image source: Yuri !!! on ICE from episode 1
© Hasetsu Townspeople Association / Yuri !!! on ICE Production Committee

Yuri, the main character of this work, is a “figure skater everywhere” (laughs)
Aside from the tsukkomi that you won’t be anywhere
Although he was a player who was trying to fly from the countryside of Japan to the world,
He was mentally weak, lost the pressure, and couldn’t get a result in the match.
Russia’s “Yuri” screams at the place where he is depressed.

I thought I could challenge the match on an equal footing with the player I was longing for, but I couldn’t.
It is a story that begins with the “frustration” that is common in sports animation.
The contract with the coach has been canceled, the university has graduated, and I don’t know what will happen in the future.
He is a figure skater who cannot see the “future”.
Moreover, I’m getting fat in the off-season (laughs)

How will such a hero grow up and stand on the ice stage again?
The crispy and crisp story is the royal road,
Because it is a royal road, I am simply worried about the future.

Figure skating

Image source: Yuri !!! on ICE from episode 1
© Hasetsu Townspeople Association / Yuri !!! on ICE Production Committee

This work is based on figure skating, and of course there are scenes of slipping.
It is a drawing that is shocking in one episode. It’s definitely funny.
Using an unbelievable number of “drawing sheets” for one episode of TV animation,
It shows goose bumps.

The sound of sliding on the ice and the movement of the player who is too smooth makes me feel even bewitching.
If you use the technique, the ice will fly off and reflect on the light, giving a strong impression of rotation.
By daring to angle the “camera”, it makes it stand out that it is slipping on ice.
Be captivated by their acting.

It was incomplete at the time of “ENDLESS NIGHT”. You can feel that it has been completed.
The expression of “figure skating”
I can assure you that there is no other anime that is so particular about it.

The frustrated hero is not always frustrated.
This work has a good tempo in a good way, and I’m not depressed for a long time.
He completely copied the performance of the player he longed for, and he is a player who longed for his performance.
By showing Victor’s acting at the same time, he expects his comeback and future.

And his longing for “Victor”
The story begins when he becomes his coach.


Image source: Yuri !!! on ICE from episode 3
© Hasetsu Townspeople Association / Yuri !!! on ICE Production Committee

Yuri of Russia can be said to be another hero.
Like Yuri, he longed for Victorinox, made an appointment with him,
I’m about to go from junior to senior.
In the midst of such worries, the person I yearn for will be at the bottom of the tournament
I can’t help but be worried because I am obsessed with Japanese people.

In a sense, it’s a love triangle (laughs)
It may be said that there is a battle between two Yuri over a player named Victor.
There is no romantic feeling there, but what do you think of the “longing player”?
Both are the same.

The hero is also worried because it is compared.
I’m not confident in myself, and another Yuri is better than myself
I think it’s appropriate to get a Victor coach.
On the other hand, the other Yuri is full of confidence. The contrast between the two Yuri is wonderful,
Although the hero is also worried, the story does not become heavy because he is not a ugly man.

One episode, one episode, 30 minutes is over in no time.
The story composition that doesn’t delay is so refreshing to watch.


Image source: Yuri !!! on ICE from episode 3
© Hasetsu Townspeople Association / Yuri !!! on ICE Production Committee

Although figure skating is a sport, it has the aspect of “acting.”
It is difficult to score the power of expression, and sometimes ambiguous things
There are some parts of the scoring that are difficult for an amateur to understand.
This work pursues such “expressiveness”.

Because it is an animation, it is an expression that is “exaggerated” rather than a live-action film. That’s why it’s easy to understand
“Expression” in figure skating on the side of the viewer
It makes me feel like “acting”.
Express it in a song, take what you have in mind,
Interpret it as “your own” and express it using yourself.

By practicing over and over again and looking back at yourself over and over again
The performance named “expression” is transmitted by their movements and “expressions”.
In the practice scene, I dare not convey it,
It attracts the viewer to pierce the expression they have arrived at in the actual scene.

Sometimes it’s hard to understand and reach.
I feel regret because I can’t reach and understand it.
Live-action, players who cannot be seen in the original figure skating
By drawing the “inside” properly, their performance can be conveyed more.

The hero who expresses and dances “Eros” in episode 3.
The expression that can be said to be the exact opposite of his usual feeling is a horrifying feeling,
The acting from there is a mass of Eros.

Small changes in facial expressions during violent movements, recovery when making mistakes
The facial expression after the performance, the scene where you can’t take your eyes off until the end.
I open my eyes and even my mouth, and I am fascinated.

What you want to do

Image source: Yuri !!! on ICE from episode 4
© Hasetsu Townspeople Association / Yuri !!! on ICE Production Committee

This work also explains the figures properly.
Although the scoring method and the structure of the tournament are simple,
By explaining what is called a “figure”
Easy to understand even for strangers.

Even so, the story goes on properly.
Taught by Victor, received advice,
Looking back at my own figure player life,
Do what you haven’t done before.

Until now, he has challenged himself with choreography with songs decided by others.
But this time it’s different. He challenges with the choreography he thought of in the song he wanted to do.
The song title is “YURI ON ICE”.
Yuri returns to the ice on the stage where he was about to give up.
A song that is suitable for a comeback leads to the title, and it gets burned unintentionally.


Image source: Yuri !!! on ICE from episode 5
© Hasetsu Townspeople Association / Yuri !!! on ICE Production Committee

This is the first shot that has revived as a player. However, there are some confusions and mistakes.
Forget acting because you are too conscious of “skill”.
There is a “score” because it is the actual performance, and it is impatient because it is scored.

It’s painfully transmitted when you see it.
Although the score is high, neither he nor his coach, Victor, is convinced.
They are aiming for 100 points, not 90 points.

There are also his fans. Longing for him as the same player,
“Kenjiro Minami” who dances lively is a good character.
There are people who yearn for me “as well”.Of such “Kenjiro Minami”
It is because I saw the performance that the soul of the player in him also burns.

As a man, he was stopped by a coach
As a player longed for by someone, I try to do my best now.
You can make mistakes, you can lower your score,
His performance, which he hates to lose, is fascinating.

The character of the local tournament, which only appears in one episode, gives a good impression.
However, only one episode is drawn in the local competition.
The tempo does not collapse from the first episode, and each episode is so intense that you do not mind the speed of the tempo.

The man who robbed Victor

Image source: Yuri !!! on ICE from episode 6
© Hasetsu Townspeople Association / Yuri !!! on ICE Production Committee

Yuri is the man who “robbed” the world-famous player.
He can still be active, even though Victor has troubles
He is a player and he is a coach and he is monopolized.
It’s because world-class rivals get together, see their performances, and go to the same tournament.
Yuri tries to answer Victor’s “love”.

Yuri says that the coach is a man who wants to return to the players.

“People looking for Victor will not be convinced how I slipped
Even the people who support me are not convinced as usual
Then I want to be hated as a man who robbed Victor from the world. “

From the beginning to the middle, he expressed Eros with his love for “Katsudon”.
However, it is different from the middle stage.
For the figure, for the longing player named Victor
He expresses the love in “self.”

“I can’t be satisfied with Victor without me.
I’m the only one in the world who knows Victor’s love. “

It’s exactly the same song. The song doesn’t change. However, the power of expression is too different.
There is room in the facial expression, the movement is perfect, and when you look at it, it feels good.
It is drunk by acting that makes you feel even the pleasure that you feel.


Image source: Yuri !!! on ICE from episode 7
© Hasetsu Townspeople Association / Yuri !!! on ICE Production Committee

Yuri, who inadvertently took first place, has unexpected pressure (laughs)
Even in practice, he fails and is mentally driven.
Originally a player who was vulnerable to pressure, he couldn’t show his full potential.

Other players don’t know about his tension.
Other players are also influenced by his love and get excited.
Other players who showed perfect performance will be more perfect,
I am seriously trying to beat him. Rival players also have a story,
They also have a longing for “Victor”.
That is why I cannot lose to Yuri.

That drives him extra.
The coach “Victor” drives him into such a situation.
As a result, it can be said to be a failure or a success.
Perfect as a player, he is also immature as a coach.

Each other is growing each other.
Where is Yuri who was driven by pressure?
It makes me want to kiss his “acting beyond imagination”.
Just like Victor, the main character, Yuri
Even feelings like romance spring up.


Image source: Yuri !!! on ICE from episode 7
© Hasetsu Townspeople Association / Yuri !!! on ICE Production Committee

As the tournament progresses, the number of characters will increase significantly.
By having famous male voice actors comically play such many characters,
It also impresses the characters who do not have so many turns,
Their acting is also their character and personality.
That’s why I don’t care about the number of characters.

Even characters who don’t have a lot of turns will show their acting properly.
The story makes them want to see more of their acting
Characters with too strong habits are too attractive.

In particular, “JJ” that appears in episode 8 is a performance that involves the venue.
Combined with the acting of “Mamoru Miyano” who is acting,
Creates an impression that is too intense.
Besides, cool Korean players, younger sister’s favorite players, players who were shaken by her, etc …
Every player is really attractive.

By drawing their story, albeit short,
The tournament is exciting because it is a battle with such players.

As an aside, in episode 9 of “My sister’s favorite player”
For some reason, the acting at the end of love has stimulated my lacrimal glands intensely.


Image source: Yuri !!! on ICE From episode 12
© Hasetsu Townspeople Association / Yuri !!! on ICE Production Committee

The other Yuri, unlike Yuri’s Eros, is extremely beautiful.
Because it ’s the body of a boy who turns into an adult
The suppleness creates beauty, and he dances free love.

Not only Yuri, he is also growing.
His appearance that leads to the result after finishing the performance beyond the limit is smiling.
This is the result of arriving in his own way without being taught by the Victor he admires.
He was able to grow up to this point because of the existence of his rival and Yuri.

Yuri also dances in the absence of Victor.
He thinks of him in the absence of him who has always been with him.
I make a lot of mistakes probably because I’m thinking, but
It is a performance that feels “painful” because he is not there.

When I’m watching, the side I’m watching is also nervous, and when I’m done, I sigh deeply.
Even though the song does not change, the skill and mentality of the players at that time
It gives a really different impression every time.

GP Final

Image source: Yuri !!! on ICE from episode 7
© Hasetsu Townspeople Association / Yuri !!! on ICE Production Committee

The final stage is the GP final. The bond between Yuri and Victor is beyond love.
His performance that challenges by pairing. However, acting alone cannot beat the rivals.
He challenges difficult tricks to beat his rivals.

Not self-satisfied, to win as a player
Above all, he flies for Victor.
His expression, which is regrettable due to mistakes, makes me sick.

The coach, “Victor,” is most influenced by him.
He was at a loss as a player and met Yuri.
While feeling the joy of raising one player as a coach
I wonder what I can teach him from now on.

Another Yuri is a free love that arrives in the absence of Victor.
His suppleness with a boy’s body, not a challenging look
The expression of love will be completed at the GP final.
The GP final is a monster.A player who was confident and had no mistakes until then
Sometimes I make mistakes.

The story of each player comes to an end at the end.

Player life

Image source: Yuri !!! on ICE From episode 12
© Hasetsu Townspeople Association / Yuri !!! on ICE Production Committee

In the final episode, Yuri and Victor rub a little.
Yuri has a strong desire for Victor as a player, because he is a longing man.

“I want to stay with you forever, but I’m killing Victor as a competitor little by little.”

At the same time, I’m thinking of ending it. I’m retired.
The life of a figure skater is short. It may be ephemeral and beautiful because it is short.
The final where he dances, longing for half of his life and aiming for Victor.
Quiet and beautiful acting is just the culmination.

Longing, love for him is expressed in acting. It produces results that surpass him.
Victor loses to the two Yuri. He is also a player, not withered yet.
However, at the same time, I cannot give up my desire to be a coach.

The last answer they chose, their exhibition.
The ending of the story was such a work that I couldn’t help thinking that it was a good final episode.


General comment: Figure skating animation that is as clear as ice

Image source: Yuri !!! on ICE From episode 12
© Hasetsu Townspeople Association / Yuri !!! on ICE Production Committee

Overall, it’s a work of great perfection.
While drawing the story of the revival of the hero who has fallen out as a player
The story drawn while deepening the relationship with “Victor” is a royal road and straight.
It doesn’t become strangely serious, it doesn’t swell, and the tempo that is drawn crisply is comfortable.
The story of each player is also outstanding.

The drawing is also really great, even though I’m acting on the same song
By skillfully using facial expressions, depictions of techniques, and camera angles
The impression is different every time, and the pleasant “sound of shaving ice” and the ice reflected by the light
The costumes and the brilliance of sweat are beautifully expressed, and each player’s individuality is felt.

Although there are many characters, each character
The character is standing firmly, and although there was a part that was a little too fast at the end,
It’s one cool and tidy,
It is finished in the last that makes you imagine the two people in the future.

He showed me a straight figure skating anime straight.
It was a work that felt the core that penetrated.

Personal impression: BL?

Image source: Yuri !!! on ICE from episode 6
© Hasetsu Townspeople Association / Yuri !!! on ICE Production Committee

There is a slightly BL-like scene, and some people may be interested in it, but
It has a strong spiritual meaning, and it doesn’t feel like a homosexual.
There are a lot of naked scenes, but it’s cute (laughs).
It’s more like a teacher and a disciple than homosexuality.

What kind of story and what kind of acting will be shown in the movie version?
I’m looking forward to it from now on.
By the way, when will it be released (bitter smile)

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