Yuan Cung Di: Americans must learn how to count votes before talking about democracy

Yuan Cung Di: Americans must learn how to count votes before talking about democracy

Hong Kong-based practitioner Yuzhuang has been lobbying in the United States for about eight months. He took part in a number of parades, interacting with many National Assembly officials and members. He has also experienced US presidential elections. He revealed that Republicans invited him to speak and lobby for Pompeo to run for president in 2024. He was very willing but insisted that Americans must first learn to check and count votes. craft, then can be said to idealism and democracy.

Mr. Yuan Cung Di, a Hong Kong professional, believes that learning how to check and count votes is extremely important. He thinks it is a matter of life and death. “At birth, people will have the country and the constitution; Death, the United States will become a totalitarian state. ” (Photo: Zhang Zhilong / Vision Times).

Americans must first learn how to check and count ballots

Mr. Yuanzhong said he recently participated in a meeting of the Committee on current dangers (“Existing Hazard Committee: China”). A Republican member invited him to speak. He pointed out that: “Americans must first learn to manually check and count votes. If not, even talking about the annihilation of communism all day, it is in vain. ” “In the end, even the counting of votes cannot do it. If it continues, the Republican Party will lose all elections and the United States will eventually become an autocratic government of the Democratic Party. “

Mr. Yuan Cung Di believes that learning how to check and count the votes is extremely important, such as the matter of life and death. “At birth, people will have the country and the constitution; Death, the United States will become a totalitarian nation. ” “Hong Kong people understand these things very well. We know the consequences, but the Americans haven’t realized the magnitude of it yet. ”

He criticized that Democrats may blatantly lie, but Republicans dare not speak the truth openly. He denounced Republicans as “Cowards”, pointed out that “A lot of people around the world support you like that, you have lost, but still do not reflect”, “first not talking about winning or losing, even counting votes do not know, what to say lofty ideals or democracy! “

He continued that if 100% of the votes could not be counted by hand, then at least the counting had to be done by machine and manually tallying simultaneously. He suggested Republicans and Democrats sign the agreement in black and white paper before the next election, aiming “Make sure to count the votes simultaneously by machine and by hand, submitting the results after verifying the results are correct.” “If these two results are not consistent, count again and continue”, “If this gate cannot be held firmly, then whatever the future says is in vain.”

Vien Cung Di revealed that he had promised to help Pompeo with his next presidential campaign, which included mobilizing Taiwanese, Mainland and Hong Kong-Americans, and raising funds from them. “I am willing to travel for you (the Republican Party) for 4 years. In addition to the presidential election, there are also the Senate and the House of Representatives; I can also help, with speeches on the importance of “destroying the Communist Party”. But he insisted that the premise was that Republicans had to learn to manually check and count the votes.

In addition, Mr. Vien believes that during the election period, people can send people to post at the polling station with guns to prevent fraud. “We must find a way to solve the problem. Don’t say ‘I’ll do my best’. Make sure to intimidate the opponent: If you don’t do this, I will take the ‘next action’. Of course everything has to be done within the framework of the law. ”

Continued campaigning to form a global coalition against the CCP

He said that in the future, in addition to campaigning for the Republican Party, he will also lobby around the world, “Attracting people from all over the world to agree with Hong Kong and turn their backs on the CCP”, “British and Australian attitudes are starting to change”, “If Xi Jinping used force against Dai Loan, the entire world will surround the CCP ”. He points out that people are talking about this issue around them. Although everyone agrees with Taiwan, they also believe that the likelihood of the CCP attacking Taiwan is increasing.

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He believes that in order to awaken the world, surround and suppress the CCP, there will be sacrifices. “Hong Kong had to make sacrifices. As a price, hopefully the world will help restore Hong Kong. ” Will Taiwan be sacrificed next? He said: “Many military experts are now concerned about the Taiwan Strait issue.”, assuming that Xi Jinping had telephoned Biden, in fact checking to see if Mr. Biden is defending Taiwan and to what extent.

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“But Mr. Biden is just a puppet, the controller behind the scenes is probably Mr. Obama”, “both sides are pretending, it is estimated that two months later will negotiate to resolve the issue.” Mr. Yuan continued to point out that the CCP is very worried, China’s economy is poorly developed, lacks foreign exchange, but the US is still implementing the foreign policy left by Mr. Pompeo. However, after the Sino-US talks, it is difficult to predict whether there will be any changes.

Video interview

Ly Hoai Quat, Vision Times

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