Yu Ji revealed that Kun Ling wanted to draw her husband's attention through the competition with Patty Hou, but Jay Chou warned him not to make trouble?

Yu Ji revealed that Kun Ling wanted to draw her husband’s attention through the competition with Patty Hou, but Jay Chou warned him not to make trouble?

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On January 26, a topic of “Kunling is not the Mona Lisa” appeared on the hot search list, which also aroused heated discussions among many media netizens; a closer look, it turns out that Kunling posted on social platforms A beautiful photo of myself, wearing sunglasses and sitting on the hood of the car very domineeringly; I also mean to have a text: “My sister is not the Mona Lisa, and I won’t smile at everyone.”; Husband Jay Chou also liked it the first time, and seemed to support his wife.

But for Kunling’s Payne, she was ridiculed by many groups, and they showed that she has been married to Jay Chou, why she always connoted Jay Chou’s ex-girlfriend many times; and the fuse was Kunling’s recent photos on social platforms Promoting her new play, but the picture with the picture turned out to be the background picture of Patty Hou’s past advertisements. Although Patty Hou is only half of his face, it can be clearly seen that Patty Hou is; this action naturally attracted suspicion from netizens and questioned her why Jay Chou’s ex-girlfriend has been after the marriage; Kun Ling also deleted this post after being searched.

I thought that Kunling would respond to Patty Hou’s advertising picture, but who would have known it was “My sister is not Monalisa, she doesn’t smile at everyone”; and Patty Hou’s impression of fans and netizens is ” With a smile”, the accompanying essay is naturally understood as an insinuation again. As we all know, this is not the first time Kunling has controversially satirize Patty Hou. As early as September last year, Kunling had a heated discussion about the robbery of Tuhou Patty, which also attracted Jay Chou’s end.

Although Jay Chou still gave a low-key praise this time, he always cleaned up the mess, which seemed a bit too much. Some netizens also admitted that Kunling seems to be competing with Patty Hou these few times. Even though he has reached the peak of his life, he still seems to be reluctant to his predecessor. Everyone is a well-known artist, but it is always rumored that Ren and Patty Hou will appear. This contradiction is really embarrassing and embarrassing for Jay Chou.

On January 26, Yuji analyzed Kunling’s insinuations on Patty Hou’s behavior on the official account, and said: Kunling and Jay Chou’s recent relationship is not stable. Originally, Jay Chou chose Kunling because she was well-behaved. Sensible and tolerant; but as the time between the two gets longer, Kun Ling thinks that he is irreplaceable in Jay Chou’s heart, and wants to get more attention from Jay Chou; began to connotate what Jay Chou once said on the Internet. As the host of “Bai Yueguang”, in the face of Kunling’s repeated clashes, Jay Chou also stood by her on the surface, but privately warned her not to look for trouble.

Judging from the news, it turns out that Kun Ling wanted to take advantage of Jay Chou’s reputation as his “beloved wife” and wanted to find some attention for herself; but this would make it difficult for Jay Chou to deal with it. After all, he and Patty Hou were very thorough. , This is undoubtedly a slap in the face. Therefore, Yu Ji also stated that Jay Chou actually warned his wife, hoping that she would stop asking Patty Hou casually.

Neither Kunling nor Jay Chou responded to Yuji’s revelations, and the authenticity of the content remains to be examined. Let’s calm down and eat melons first. What do you think of Kunling’s insinuations? Do you like Patty Hou? What do you think of Kun Ling and Jay Chou? Welcome to leave a message to discuss!


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