"Yu Bone Yao" ost lineup exposed, Xiao Zhan may cooperate with powerful singers, Mao is not easy to join

“Yu Bone Yao” ost lineup exposed, Xiao Zhan may cooperate with powerful singers, Mao is not easy to join

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“Jade Bone Remote” is a fairy drama that the goose factory attaches great importance to. The two leading actors Xiao Zhan and Ren Min are also powerful actors. The expectations of the netizens of this drama are also very high. Judging from the quality of the official announcements Still very good.

For a drama, ost has also played a big role. In recent years, the drama party has also paid more and more attention to ost. Many singers who are invited to sing ost in popular dramas are also powerful artists. Singers like Zhou Shen, Mao Buyi, Liu Yuning, Zhang Bichen, Zhang Jie are often active in major film and television dramas ost, and each time they are very perfect interpretations.

Recently, some netizens exposed the ost lineup of the two major dramas “Jade Bone Remote” and “Mirror Twin Cities” in the Goose Factory. “Jade Bone Remote” includes Tan Jing, Mao Buyi, Jin Minqi and Zhang Liangying. The most important thing is the starring Xiao Zhan has also been exposed to participate in ost singing work, and will also cooperate with Zhang Liangying, and “Mirror Twins” includes Zhou Shen, Ding Dang, Liu Xijun, Xu Song, Chen Zhuoxuan and starring Li Yifeng.

Xiao Zhan himself made his debut as an idol artist, and he is also responsible for singing in the group. He already has the ability to sing before his debut. The training in the past few years after his debut has clearly seen Xiao Zhan’s singing. After becoming popular, Xiao Zhan often participates in some evening activities and sings. Every time he sings with full music, Xiao Zhan has always adhered to his basic qualities as a singer.

Therefore, we can also see its extraordinary progress, each time it brings you a wonderful stage performance, so it can be imagined that in many film and television works that Xiao Zhan will star in later, Xiao Zhan will sing ost in person. From acting to the present, Xiao Zhan has sung to many film and television works, such as “My Emperor”, “Chen Qingling”, “Zhu Xian”, “Celebrating the More Than One Year”, “The rest of my life, please give me more advice”, “Douro Continent” and many more.

“Yu Bone Yao” is the leading male lead drama ost is also expected, but the cooperation with Zhang Liangying is also a very fresh combination. In addition, the joining of Mao’s hardship is what makes netizens look forward to it. It is well known that Mao’s hardship is most suitable for some sad songs. Basically, as long as the plot enters the torturous heart, Mao’s song will sound. At that time, “Xiangmi” was broadcast. At the time, related topics about not making Mao difficult to sing were also on the hot search, which shows that the empathy rendering ability is very strong.

In addition, the ost lineup of the drama “The Twins of Mirrors” is also very exciting. The singers joining are all powerful artists, especially Zhou Shen and Xu Song. These two are not only powerful but also extremely popular, and they are the leading actors. Li Yifeng will also sing. If this lineup is true, the goose factory has indeed made great efforts in ost, and the ost of a drama cannot be released can also represent whether the work is a big explosion.

The two works “Jade Bone Remote” and “Mirror Twin Cities” are adapted from two works written by the same author, and there are also overlapping characters. The Goose Factory invited Xiao Zhan and Li Yifeng to join the two works separately. Good choice, I always feel regretted that these two dramas have been broadcasted successfully. What do you think?

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