YouTuber humorously drives the car "submerged inside" which attracts millions of views and bitter end

YouTuber humorously drives the car “submerged inside” which attracts millions of views and bitter end

An Australian has received worldwide recognition (to be exact online community) for his creativity and recklessness in creating a true “underwater vehicle”. However, he is now facing the court on countless counts of driving.

Michael Alexander Phillippou runs the YouTube channel “RackaRacka” with his twin brother Danny, and in January 2019, Michael and his friends built a submerged car that was, in their words, left. how to combat the heat sweeping through the Adelaide area.

The video “RackaRacka” drives a flooded Ford car on the street

They built a Ford Laser and moved the entire vehicle control system outside so it could flush water to flood the car to the roof. Later, Michael and a friend named Jackson O’Doherty jumped inside, and Michael proceeded to drive the car to a nearby gas station, where they bought some beer. They drank some beer inside a flooded car, or “the world’s first underwater car,” and then drove away.

This whole adventure was filmed by the camera and uploaded to their YouTube channel as we saw above. This video has attracted more than 1.2 million views to date, and several million more views on other sharing channels. Put simply, this video is an online viral hit.

Photos cut out from video

While viewers around the world applaud the creativity and humor of the RackaRacka team, Australian police don’t think so. Nearly a year later, the police finally found and arrested Michael. Going to court on January 15, he was found guilty of reckless driving and dangerous driving, unregistered driving, driving without seat belts – but was not guilty of driving while drinking. alcohol.

Outside the court, Michael said he hoped not to be convicted, even though the whole Michael family appeared to see him off in prison. He was also welcomed by the crowd of fans, due to the fact Michael was one of the most influential people on the internet in Australia in 2019.

Putting aside all litigation, we also need to give a few compliments to the custom Ford. The car weighed more than 4 tons when flooded as shown in the video, but can still run to a gas station despite pressure on the suspension and water leaking out. Meanwhile, Michael and Jackson were wearing diving masks, waving to passers-by, and only leaving when they reached their destination.

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