YouTuber extra money sawing Tesla Model 3 into a pickup truck - Photo 1.

YouTuber "extra money" saws a Tesla Model 3 into a pickup

YouTuber is famous for the "queen of bullshit robots" that turned its Tesla Model 3 sedan into an extremely stylish looking truck she named "Truckla". She has gone back to the full range of the car, including chiseled, cut, cut, trimmed, welded, mound … on her YouTube channel, and even invited the director to produce a fake ad. to show off the new Tesla pickup.

Giertz spent more than a year planning and designing before embarking on an arduous challenge to turn her Model 3 into a pickup. And this YouTuber set up a team of mechanics and coaches to join the project. This group includes: Marcos Ramirez, an inventor, a mechanic and an artist in Bay Arena; Richard Benoit, YouTuber owns Rich Rebuilds channels, mainly focusing on Tesla cars; and designer, and German YouTuber Laura Kampf.

The results are quite impressive, and although it certainly doesn't seem to be "a fictional, cyberpunk-style pickup, Blade Runner" as Musk once talked about the pickup he will release later this year. It still stands out among the crowd: can you not admire or not when in front of you is a pitloader, run entirely on electricity, but still keep the coolness of a Tesla?

"My goal is never to own a gasoline car "- Giertz said – "I am part of a new generation of drivers who only drive electric cars. "

YouTuber excess money saw a pair of Tesla Model 3 into pickup trucks - Photo 2.
YouTuber excess money sawing a Tesla Model 3 into a pickup truck - Photo 3.
YouTuber excess money saw a pair of Tesla Model 3 into pickup trucks - Photo 4.
YouTuber excess money sawing a Tesla Model 3 into a pickup truck - Photo 5.

Elon Musk has boasted about the Tesla-branded pickup for years, claiming it was his favorite car in Tesla models and promised it would not be like any other pickup on the market. school "It will be a better pickup than other pickups "- Musk said. "The goal is to make a better pickup than the Ford F-150 in terms of load functions and a better sports car than a regular Porsche 911. My desire is that. "

Giertz's pickup is exactly what it is: a Model 3 with the rear roof removed, thereby blurring the line between sedan and pickup – like the once-popular design style in years. 1970 and 1980, until consumers saw pickup – the sedan was not enough, but the bigger the better. Do you see it as a Chevy El Camino or Ford Ranchero? Giertz's Truckla is equipped with a number of components commonly found on a pickup, such as a wooden rack with a Hella lamp mounted on the front.

Of course, to make Truckla is not a smooth process. After removing the back seat and many parts in the car, the Model 3 didn't start. Ramirez explained that the car reported every "bug" it was experiencing at Tesla headquarters via wireless connectivity, essentially the car was "denouncing" Musk that it was being dissected by YouTubers. They still had problems after the first cut, when the metal frame of the car began to become loose. Fortunately, Giertz and his colleagues reinforced the steel frame and continued the project.

There have been a lot of Tesla for many years, and YouTube is flooded with self-upgrading, small and big videos. But this Tesla pickup is definitely among the most ambitious car projects ever made.

Giertz, who owns the YouTube channel with more than 1.6 million registrations, is known primarily by a series of extremely silly yet interesting robots she created to pour milk, brush her teeth, and … slapped your face. With Truckla, she is stepping into a completely new DIY world, the world of cars with a huge amount of fans. She is also entering a minefield when producing a Tesla pickup before the company. Why? Because of Musk's company and he himself has a large "hard fan" army that is always ready to protect their idols in the slightest of any provocation.

But Giertz made it clear that she did not want to "cover up" Musk, but wanted to celebrate his product. She described Truckla as "The smartest, or the most silly thing I've ever done".

"I really hope people don't think I'm an obnoxious YouTuber cutting my brand-new car "- Giertz said. "The level of this vehicle has to go through some destructive steps, but the ultimate goal is to create a new one. And I do it because I really, really want that car. This is my dream car. "

YouTuber turns the Tesla Model 3 into a pickup

Reference: TheVerge

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