YouTube topped the App Store revenue for the first time

YouTube is an app that any smartphone has, but YouTube has just risen to the top of the App Store chart in the revenue category after more than 8 years.

YouTube has just recorded the first time surpassing the top position in the list of the highest-grossing apps in the App Store system in the US. According to a report from tech news website Techcrunch, YouTube’s slow growth on the App Store rankings was discovered by Sensor Tower, a service analyzing data and marketing activities.

According to Sensor Tower, YouTube has never surpassed No. 3 on the chart before, and is always behind the heavyweight competitors like Tinder or Netflix.


However, the balance is said to have changed since YouTube launched its YouTube Red subscription service in 2015. The service offers users a fee to avoid having to watch ads while watching videos, and significantly boosts YouTube rankings.

YouTube’s revenue now averages $ 100,000 a day on iPhone, and $ 300,000 a day on iPad. According to Sensor Tower, YouTube has earned more than $ 200 million in total revenue since 2015.

In particular, the number of YouTube channel subscribers increased sharply at the beginning of 2018, helping YouTube “pocket” $ 14 million in February, and $ 12 million in March. This increase was 133% and 150 higher, respectively. % compared with the same period last year. This revenue does not include other sources such as YouTube Music, YouTube Gaming, or Google Play, which are all Google in-app purchase services.

Currently, Apple is temporarily hiding the “Highest Revenue” ranking since the iOS 11 update, so users will not be able to track this information. Accordingly, only data analysis companies like Sensor Tower have the ability to retrieve and capture information.


Huy Khang / Techcrunch
* Source: Investment bridge


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