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YouTube Music and YouTube Premium are officially launched

YouTube Music is Google’s online music streaming service, aimed at competing with rivals Apple Music and Spotify.

The two online services YouTube Music and YouTube Premium were officially launched on June 19 in 17 countries around the world. These countries include the United States, Australia, New Zealand, Mexico, Korea, Austria, Canada, Finland and some European countries.

YouTube Music is Google’s online music service, aiming to compete with Apple Music and Spotify. The YouTube Music app is available for iOS and Android, and has a web version like Spotify.

The interface of YouTube Music is easy to use, including lots of albums, live shown, remixes and tracks by unknown artists. YouTube Music will also continually suggest new songs, based on your listening history, location and activity. Search engines are powered by machine learning, so it is possible to search for results even when the keywords are not completely accurate.

Like other online music services, YouTube Music has free and paid options. The free version will come with ads, which can disrupt your music listening experience. Meanwhile, the paid version is YouTube Premium without ads for $ 9.99 / month.

However, this version only allows you to listen and download music. To be able to watch music videos or live shown, you will have to choose the more advanced YouTube Premium package for $ 11.99 / month. This version also allows viewing of YouTube Originals programs.

Currently, YouTube Music is not yet supported in Vietnam market. However, Google said it will soon expand to other countries in the near future.

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