YouTube hides video comments

The majority of comments (comments) on YouTube are considered to have bad content, is a tool to spread malicious links.

Follow Verge, YouTube finally realizes the fact: The Comments section contains a lot of bad content and users should not read them. The world’s largest video service is testing a new interface on Android apps, which hides comments, unless users actively click a button to open them.

However, the page XDA Developers said this feature has only been tested in India.

“We are constantly testing new ways to make it easier for people to find, watch, share and interact with the videos they care about. This is just one of the many small experiments that we are performing on The widespread deployment will also depend on feedback from test users, “said a YouTube representative.

Photo: Ommcom News.

In February, YouTube also decided to close the comment system on many videos of children to prevent those who have malicious intent on commenting and sharing links with unhealthy content.

In the meantime, follow Washington Post, The US Federal Trade Commission (FTC) is investigating YouTube’s data collection practices and child protection failures. The investigation comes after the FTC received numerous complaints from user groups as well as a series of reports from media outlets over the past few months about autoplay and video suggestions. ) on Youtube. These two tools have made it easier for people with malicious intent to access children with malicious information.

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