Google CEO: YouTube contains a lot of malicious content but it is too big to be able to fix it completely - Photo 1.

YouTube contains a lot of malicious content, but it is too big to fix

YouTube, owned by Google, has been heavily condemned in the past few years because it cannot control malicious content. The content of violence and hate, fake news continued to appear even though YouTube repeatedly claimed that they tried their best to screen.

Recently, in an interview with CNN, Google CEO Sundar Pichai received the question whether YouTube is equipped with enough personnel to screen and remove malicious content.

Mr. Pichai stated that YouTube tried its best and removed 99% of the malicious content.

"We have greatly improved our ability to filter content using a combination of machines and people.", Mr. Pichai said. "On average, we have removed 99% of bad and exclusive content from YouTube but you can still see the remaining 1%. Our goal is to reduce the rate of malicious videos to less than 1%."

However, Google CEO admits that it is impossible to remove 100% of malicious videos on YouTube.

"This is a very difficult job with a large-scale system like this.", Pichai said. "Even credit card systems still have vulnerabilities … When you run anything on this scale, you must always think about% errors."

The Google CEO expressed that he strongly believes that YouTube will make significant progress in the future and that content filtering jobs will become better and better. He also said Google is eager to be able to resolve it soon. This issue by many malicious videos has existed on YouTube for many years.

"We know that we are not on the right track," Pichai said. "We are well aware of the problem and have changed the priority order of problems to handle".

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