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YouTube allows you to remove channels from the suggested list

After being criticized for suggesting violent content and obscene content to increase views, YouTube today launched new features for you to better control what is suggested. First, you can ask YouTube not to suggest videos from a channel you don't like (but you can still subscribe, search, watch their videos normally). This option will be located in the … in the suggestions list. Thanks to this feature, you can remove videos from scratch, unrelated videos or videos from the channels you don't like from YouTube's suggestion list for you.

Second, you will know why a video is suggested to you. YouTube has features that suggest videos you've never seen based on your behavior in the past, and when they suggest videos based on this element, a small dialog box will appear just below the video to explain.

The above features can be used on the YouTube app for iOS and Android, on the desktop will be available in the near future. Usually, the Google app will be updated for Vietnam a few days later than the US, so calm down and wait.

In addition, the YouTube app is also about to have a new function right outside the homepage so you can easily explore video topics and related videos, for example, you can just watch videos about baking and video talk shows , video stream game … Immediately this function is only for English language, other languages ​​will be available later.

Duy Luân

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