your stats for the past 10 years, detailed in this tool

The TrueAchievements website offers Xbox players a tool that summarizes all of their gaming activities over the past decade. In the program, detailed statistics of all games played, successes, scores and progressions.

Good news for Xbox fans! You can now immerse yourself nostalgically in all your activity on your favorite console for the years 2010 to 2019, thanks to the tool MyDecadeOnXbox developed by

Image 1: Xbox: your stats for the past 10 years, detailed in this tool

The site allows to consult all its Xbox statistics for the last ten years by simply linking your Xbox Live account. Before going into details, it should be mentioned that the website is in no way affiliated with the official Microsoft website. This means that you must first create an account via the TrueAchievements site.

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All his Xbox activity for the last 10 years

The page is very well designed and offers almost all the game information. It displays the detail of the activity with for example the months during which we played the most. It also lists the number of games played, the total number of successes won, including rare successes accompanied by the date, percentages of progress, scores, etc.. Statistics also show the genres of titles played, the number of games completed and the time spent to finish them (compared to the average time of the player community). As a bonus, we can also see the total value of all games which we played (sale price at the time of release).

Xbox One controller will be compatible with Xbox Scarlett, Microsoft confirms not only offers to see his own scores, but also those of other players. The site has a thriving community that allows you to interact with other gamers around the world through forums and discussion groups. If you would like to try the tool, go to

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Source: TrueAchievements

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