With excellent readability and flexibility in interface design, instrument systems using TFT LCD screens are gradually appearing on many middle and high-end two-wheeled vehicles. According to a report by the foreign media MCN, now this easy-to-use and fashionable equipment has actually become the target of some thieves!

The TFT instrument on the BMW R1250GS, commonly known as “Big Bird” by Taiwanese riders.

Foreign media said that recently, the station started to receive news of increased theft of TFT instrument panels on some BMW models, including the Scooter C400 and high-end ADV models-commonly known as “Big Bird” by Taiwanese riders. “R1200/1250GS is mostly.

This kind of cases seems to have occurred in the GS series of cars to the extent that some manufacturers have introduced related anti-theft kits; and foreign media recently interviewed a BMW C400X owner whose TFT instrument was pulled out by a thief while working. He said that his YAMAHA MT-07 had been stolen three times in the past. He wanted to say that changing to a Scooter might be relatively low-key and would not be targeted by thieves. He did not expect the tragedy to still happen.

“I bought this BMW. I installed a tracker and a siren on the car. I also spent £200 on the double disc brake lock. However, when I rode it to work for the first time, I found the TFT was parked on me. After the good car was pulled out.” 39-year-old owner of the car from London, Louis. Costa (transliteration, Luis Costa) said so.

The suffered BMW C400X. (Image source: MCN)

When Costa shared his experience on Facebook, he was surprised that many car owners were also victims of the TFT theft like him. “Someone said that he tried to remove the TFT instrument on the car himself, and found that it was actually easy to remove, but it is more troublesome to reinstall the instrument. The instrument system is only fixed by three rubber parts, so you don’t need to hurt it. The instrument can be removed by the locomotive with a single cent.”

The TFT instrument on the BMW C400X is a new car option with an asking price of £615, but Costa will have to spend £1200 to install the new TFT instrument on the car after the theft. At the same time, he also found that the instrument cable was being removed by the thief. At that time, there was no damage. Costa even said, “BMW must be more responsible for this. They only said that this is something the police and my insurance company have to deal with.”

Finally, MCN contacted BMW Motorrad in the UK, and BMW officials gave the following statement. “We have learned of some cases of theft of TFT meters of vehicles. We attach great importance to the safety of vehicles, and we have conducted in-depth investigations into relevant details. And we have always encouraged car owners to park their vehicles in sufficiently safe places to avoid In the event of theft, try to use the car cover if possible, and install a tracker and anti-theft alarm for the locomotive.” For more information about vehicle anti-theft, don’t forget to keep the Moto7 locked, we will continue to bring you Detailed report!

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