Youngwoong Lim's flower-like pictorial, Rolling Stone Korea's first issue released

Youngwoong Lim’s flower-like pictorial, Rolling Stone Korea’s first issue released

[헤럴드경제 = 서병기 선임기자]After the global music magazine Rolling Stone announced its full-scale landing in Korea, Rolling Stone Korea announced the official launch of its first issue in May, and released a pictorial with singer Lim Young-woong on the 4th.

In the picture, Yeong-Woong Lim is staring at the camera with an excellent expression at the boundary between a boy and an adult through the hands of handing flowers in a strong red background, white shirt and beige suit.

In the first issue of Rolling Stone Korea, the latest trend’Lim Young-woong’ has fully expressed a new charm that was not easy to see through an interview along with a pictorial shooting in this first issue of Rolling Stone Korea.

In addition, it is said that the staff’s cheers and excitement have been raised by reflecting a professional and relaxed appearance throughout the photo shoot with the accumulated experience of shooting various stages and advertisements.

On the 3rd, Rolling Stone Korea released a cover pictorial for the Pination family, headed by Psy, such as Psy, Hyuna, Jessie, Eden, Hayes, and Diark, and Rolling Stone Korea has already been successful in Germany, Australia, and Japan. Joining the magazine release line, Korea becomes the 12th international edition.

In the first issue of Rolling Stone Korea, where the veil was undressed amid much interest and anticipation, P NATION members (Psy, Jesse, Hyuna, Dunn, Hayes, and Diak) led by PSY set a mark It was reported that it contained the stories of world-renowned artists such as Yoon Sang, Epik High, Nell, New Boy and Bad Bunny, 24KGoldn.

Rolling Stone Korea magazine can be found through official online malls, online bookstores, official YouTube channels, and SNS, and videos containing the stories of artists participating in Rolling Stone Korea will be released sequentially through YouTube.

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