Youngwoong Lim x Dongwon Jeong released the sound source for'Become a Thousand Winds'[공식]

Youngwoong Lim x Dongwon Jeong released the sound source for’Become a Thousand Winds'[공식]

Call Center of Love

[OSEN=김은애 기자] TV Chosun broadcasted on the 12th,’I will sing the requested song-Call Center of Love’ (hereinafter referred to as’Call Center of Love’) Untact concert special sound source will be released.

The songs released in the 42nd episode of’Call Center of Love’ will be released on various music sites at 12 noon on the 16th. In this album, starting with the title song’Become a Thousand Winds’ sung by Young-Woong Lim and Dong-Won Jung, Young-woong Lim’s’I Really Didn’t Know’,’Love TWO’, Young-Tak’s’Ira Ye’, Chan-Won Lee’s’Broken Wall Clock’, ‘ ‘Galmuri’, Jang Min-ho’s’I’m me’,’Singing song Cha-cha-cha’, Kim Hee-jae’s’My Heart Like a Star’, and’Hee-jae’ are included.

Here,’Bringing a Friend’ sung by Young-Tak and Jeong Dong-won,’Become a Thousand Winds’ sung by Young-woong Lim and Dong-won Jeong, and’Give Good Luck’ sung by TOP6 (Young-woong Lim, Young-tak, Lee Chan-won, Jeong Dong-won, Jang Min-ho, Kim Hee-jae). Including, a total of 12 songs will be released from the individual stage to the group stage and the unit stage.

On this day, the broadcast was decorated with the ‘2021 Untact Home Concert’, and TOP6 newly decorated the’Call Center of Love’ legend stage with gratitude to the viewers. In celebration of the Lunar New Year, TOP6 opened vigorously with’Give Good Luck’ by Kang Byeong-cheol and Sam Tae-gi.

Lim Young-woong and Jung Dong-won selected’Become a Thousand Winds’ to give viewers enjoyment. On the stage of Lim Young-woong and Jeong Dong-won, who conveyed a deep reverberation with extraordinary sensibility, the original songwriter Lim Hyeong-ju expressed his gratitude through his Instagram. The two’s previous duet stage video recorded 250,000 views on Naver TV.

Young-tak selected Na Hoon-ah’s’Ira-ye’ and captured his ears with his distinctive solid voice and vocalization, and Lim Young-woong immediately applied for Yoon Do-hyun’s’Love TWO’ and unfolded a lingering explosive stage with a deep sensibility like a’sensibility craftsman’. . Following this, a medley stage with an exciting medley stage unfolds with Lee Chan-won’s’Broken Wall Clock’, Young-Tak and Jeong Dong-won’s’Friend like a Reward’, Kim Hee-jae’s’My Heart Like Stars’, Lim Young-woong’s’I Really Didn’t Know’ lost. On this day, TOP6 presented a rich New Year’s gift to viewers with a variety of stages, from cheerful songs that lifted the shoulders to emotional songs that touched the heart.

While the stage like a gift from TOP6 left a deep lingering lingering, expectation is also gathered in the album’Call Center of Love PART42′ to be released on the 16th.

Meanwhile, the album’Call Center of Love PART42′ will be released on the 16th at 12 noon. /

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