Youngwoong Lim, where do you live?...  Lee Jae-jae and Im Young-woong moved to their home.
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Youngwoong Lim, where do you live?… Lee Jae-jae and Im Young-woong moved to their home.

[스포츠조선닷컴 박아람 기자] It is known that Im Young-woong left Wolsebang, where he left after his debut as a singer, and settled in another place. It was also reported that Lee Jae-jae moved into his home.

Im Young-woong mentioned in the recently broadcast’Save My Holmes’ that while he was looking for a client’s house, he looked at a house painted with a cobalt blue color and said, “I love this color. .

The house that Yim Young-woong lived before was also revealed in Mr. Trot. Im Young-woong, who was preparing for a group exhibition as the leader of the’Mong-da-bun-bal’ team, had a time to strengthen the will to unite by inviting members to his own room. Lim Young-woong’s life was revealed behind the trot men sitting in a small house.

Along with this, the house of Lee Jae-jae, who had unfortunately dropped out of’Mr. Trot’, attracted attention. He recently appeared in MBN’Special World,’ leaving his hometown, Hongseong, to unveil his home in Seoul, where the newly moved home was similar to Im Young-woong’s home in Mapo-gu.

Fans noticed at a glance that Lee Jae-jae’s new home was Lim Young-woong’s old house. In particular, the blanket covered by Youngwoong Lim remained intact and caught the eye.

The YouTube channel’Chungjeong-gu’ also revealed that “Last news about Im Young-woong’s move was made. However, there is no official announcement that Im Young-woong moved.

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