Youngwoong Lim, full-fledged release of chicken brand advertisement...  I want to eat chicken

Youngwoong Lim, full-fledged release of chicken brand advertisement… I want to eat chicken

On the 28th, all three videos of the main TV commercial were released on the YouTube channel of Two Tiba Chicken.

The message delivered with the video is as follows.

The fateful meeting of Lim and Tiva!

We are releasing the long-awaited TVCF video

A word from Hero to be reborn as a buzzword this year (extremely personal wish)

When one is sad?! T~Bar T~Bar

[EVENT 미리공지]

In mid-September, 5 types of transparent photo card events will be held.

The quality of the photo card is really heroic

I am always grateful for your much interest and support, and I’m still healthy today

We wish you a happy day.

In the video, there is a picture of Lim Young-woong who is eating chicken deliciously.

His extraordinary visuals were enough to attract the attention of fans.

Meanwhile, Lim Young-woong is the main host of TV CHOSUN ‘2020 Trot Awards’ and challenges her first MC role.

The ‘2020 Trot Awards’, designed with the aim of re-examining the history of Trot in Korea, which celebrates its 100th anniversary, and to reiterate its precious value, are not only legendary trot singers who have firmly kept the 100-year history of Trot, but also in’Mistrot’ and’Mr. Trot’. It is expected to be the first’Trot Festival’ in the history of Korean pop songs, in which a large number of national trot singers appear, including the rising trot star and the teenage trot prodigies.

tvX Reporter Jeongbeom Lee / Photo = Two Tiba Chicken Youtube Channel

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