Youngwoong Lim, even glasses...  Advertising Cheat Key
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Youngwoong Lim, even glasses… Advertising Cheat Key

Lim Young-woong /Photo = Kissing Heart
The eyewear brand selected by singer Lim Young-woong as a model is releasing special glasses.

On the 30th, the eyewear brand Kissing Heart released one additional photo stating, “Young Woong Lim, who was selected as a kissing heart model, participated in eyewear design despite a busy schedule.”

In the released photo, Lim Young-woong is working on the sketch. Lim Young-woong showed extraordinary enthusiasm for design, such as taking a close look at glasses samples and drawing pictures. Along with this, the warm fashion sense of Lim Young-woong-pyo, who matched the knit and glasses, caught the eye.

Kissing Heart is planning to release the product under the name of’Good luck’ and’Wish’ with the hope that many people will be happy through eye health. In particular,’Gunhaeng’ is an abbreviation of’Be healthy and happy,’ which Lim Young-woong frequently uses for his fans, and has a meaningful meaning, which is expected to further attract the attention of fans.

An official at Kissing Heart said, “As Youngwoong Lim showed satisfaction with the product that participated in the design, it is highly rewarding and expecting. We ask for your interest in the upcoming products.”

In addition to eyewear, Lim Young-woong is active as an advertising model for various items such as Kiwoom Securities, Ssangyong Motor Rexton, Chungho Nice, and Kyungdong Navien.

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