Youngwoong Lim, donated prize money for children…  "Already the third, warm hero"

Youngwoong Lim, donated prize money for children… “Already the third, warm hero”

[Dispatch=구민지기자] Singer Lim Young-woong practiced warm sharing.

Lim Young-woong recently donated 2 million won to the Green Umbrella Children’s Foundation with a prize money of 2 million won for Gawangjeon in January. The donation is expected to be used for education expenses for children who train talent in Korea.

His prize money donation is already the third time. Last year, it delivered 3 million won to the Milal Welfare Foundation twice. It provided medical and living expenses for disabled children from low-income families.

‘Mimi Trot’ is a trot singer voting service. Lim Yeong-woong became the singer for three consecutive times from last November to last January. The cumulative donation exceeded 8 million won.

Lim Young-woong is known as the representative donation angel in the entertainment industry. Donations were made for artificial cochlear surgery and rehabilitation treatment for children with hearing impairments. He also sponsored practical music and students.

Fans were also affected. ‘The Age of Heroes’ delivered about 900 million won for flood victims last year. In addition, it took the lead in supporting heating expenses for low-income families and helping children with learning deficits caused by Corona 19.

Not only this. We are constantly engaging in activities with neighbors, such as campaigning and donating donations for leukemia patients, children with brain lesions, and single mothers.

Meanwhile, Lim Young-woong is appearing in TV Chosun’Pongsungahhakdang’ and’Love Call Center’.

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