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Young-woong Lim vs. Young-tak of’Pongsungah Hakdang’, who is the winner of the New Year’s special title contest



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Young-woong Lim-Young-tak-Lee Chan-won-Jang Min-ho-Kim Hee-jae, refurbished with a blockbuster scale, presents a rich’Laughing New Year’s Festival’ with’Mr. Cooking King tomorrow’.

On the 38th episode of TV CHOSUN’Ponga Sognah Hakdang: Life School’, which will be aired on the 10th (Wed),’Pongsunga Institute’s New Year Special’, which has been brilliantly redecorated with a new member, a new composition, and a new production team in 2021. Unfolds.

Above all, Lim Young-woong, Young-tak, Lee Chan-won, Jang Min-ho, and Kim Hee-jae robbed the eyes by showing a colorful Hanbok New Year’s Day fashion on the occasion of the national holiday,’New Year’. The scenes of trotmen dressed in colorful hanbok, ranging from Young-woong Lim, who shows off the appearance of a scholar full of dignity, to Min-ho Jang, who is a’Sexy Fresh Force,’ warmed the scene. In particular, as soon as Lim Young-woong appeared, he suddenly raised his curiosity by raising a’bow’ to the viewers.

Moreover, in the’Pongsunga Hakdang Pyo New Year Special’, various corners from traditional games such as Takjichigi and Ssireum to cooking competitions were prepared, giving a highlight. First of all, in the showdown, an all-time big match between Lim Young-woong and Young-tak was concluded. The two people, who showed their desire to compete with sparks, drew attention by spreading a chewy game throughout the race.

In Ssireum, the flower of traditional games on New Year’s Day that followed, one player from each team participated in a confrontation. From the management of the team members’ mentality to strategy analysis, Youngwoong Lim predicted the birth of the’Director Woong’, who perfectly possessed the’Director’.

In addition, during the wrestling battle, an emergency situation occurred in which one member was hit by a vital spot due to a burning desire to compete, and the game was finally stopped, making everyone laugh.

On the other hand, the trotmen couldn’t hide their surprise at the super-high-end scale of the new’Pongsungahhakdang’, but it is said that they couldn’t shut their mouths when facing a super-large cooking set.

The production crew said, “The’Pongaunga Institute’, which has been refurbished at a previous scale, will finally show its first appearance on the coming 10th (Wed).” ‘Please give me a lot of attention to.

Meanwhile, the first broadcast of TV CHOSUN’Pongsungahhakdang: School of Life’,’New Year’s special feature, Mr. Cooking King tomorrow’ will be broadcast on the 10th (Wed) at 10pm.

Reporter Kim Hye-jung

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