Young-woong Lim, Unkalcomani Guest Appearance (Mulberry School)[오늘TV]

Young-woong Lim, Unkalcomani Guest Appearance (Mulberry School)[오늘TV]

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Singers Young-woong Lim, Young-tak, Chan-won Lee, Min-ho Jang, Hee-jae Kim, Yun-seong Hwang, ‘Original Bongsong Academy’, Jun-hyeong Park, Seong-ho, Oh Ji-heon, and Hyeong-bin Yoon and Crawl Jeolla’s ‘2021 Gagppong Cert’ will be featured.

In the 56th episode of TV CHOSUN ‘Mulberry School: Life School’ broadcast on June 23, Mulberry 6 transformed into national characters in Korea’s longest-running gag program ‘Gag Concert’, and Mulberry table to defend the name of ‘Mulberry School’ Gag contest ‘Tomorrow is Mr. Gag King’.

On this day’s broadcast, Jun-hyeong Park, Seong-ho Park, Oh Ji-heon, and Hyung-bin Yoon from ‘Original Bongsong Academy’ scramble and perform a memory recall contest that will shake the small screen.

Pong6, who suddenly took on the ‘Laughter Continence Challenge’, which was open on the peaceful back-to-school road, crossed the rough road of the laughter minefield as she ran into unexpected difficulties with laughter bombs. Despite the strong determination, Pong 6 provided great fun from the beginning of the day by mobilizing various methods, such as thinking sadly about the sudden elements that make the corners of the mouth twitch, and holding back laughter.

Next, Pong 6 summoned the longest-running gag program ‘Gag Concert’ of memories, and devastated the classroom with an all-time make-up show perfectly equipped with everything from wigs, makeup, and costumes. Young-woong Lim is a returning student, Young-tak is Seo-bang Oh, Chan-won Lee is Da-gai, Min-ho Jang is Mang-gu, Kim Hee-jae is dancer Kim, and Hwang Yun-seong is Ok Dong-ja.

In particular, Park Jun-hyung, Park Seong-ho, Oh Ji-heon, and Yoon Hyeong-bin (hereinafter ‘G4’), the icons of the ‘Original Bongsong Academy’ appeared in the ‘Gag Concert’ classroom as they were in the ‘Gag Concert’, and surprised everyone. Park Jun-hyung and Oh Ji-heon, along with Young-tak, improvised the popular corner of ‘Gag Concert’, ‘Family of Love’, crying mulberry 6 and holding a funny diss fight, succeeding in subduing the initial line, and Yoon Hyung-bin set the day of Wang Bi-ho toward Yeong-tak. He spit out venomous words, causing Yeong-tak’s pupils to quake. Furthermore, “Who is Young-woong Lim here? Are you a kid that looks just like me?” The guest of ‘Ungcalcomanie’, which surprised Lim Young-woong, appeared, and made Lim’s eyes tightly shut. It is raising the question of who the ‘Uncalcomani’ really is.

Since then, Mulberry 6 has been recognized by interviewer G4 in the Mulberry table gag contest ‘Tomorrow is Mr. Gag King’, and in order to defend the name of ‘Mulberry School’, it has revealed the gag ‘kiss’ that has been hidden until now. From Min-ho Jang, who boasted perfect character digestibility, to Yeong-tak, a master at describing animal sounds, and Chan-won Lee who drew admiration by reciting popular popular words such as ‘Sungguri Dangdang Sungdangdang’ and ‘Excuse me, excuse me, please excuse me~’ instinct exploded. In particular, Lim Young-woong made the interviewer G4 excited by showing off his talent to grow as a comedian talent by reproducing all the sounds of the earth as well as mimicking the character vocal cords with a honey vocal cord full of emotion. The attention is focused on the ‘Tomorrow Mister Gag King’ contest, which is full of laughter and the beauty drip of Pong 6, whose confidence and greed for gags have been upgraded even more after makeup.

On this day’s broadcast, following last week’s ‘Doran Doran Duet Show’, the back story of matchmaking that everyone is paying attention to will be revealed. It amplifies expectations about the results of the selection of a mate through repeated reversals, who among the top 6 members will have to hire a partner directly because they cannot find a partner, and who will be the new duet partner in the ‘Doran Doran Duet Show’. have.

The production team said, “In order not to lose the name of ‘Mulberry School’, Mulberry 6 was not afraid of breaking and burned its passion for gags.” “It contains a lot of fun that cannot be learned without laughing. We hope you will burst into a cool laugh on Wednesday night.”

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