Young-woong Lim, "I love you from old days" to'Before You'  Even the stingray dance,'Jin fan heart'

Young-woong Lim, “I love you from old days” to’Before You’ Even the stingray dance,’Jin fan heart’

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(Seoul = News 1) Reporter Jang Ah-reum =’The point of omniscient meditation’ Lim Young-woong showed his fan spirit to the Brave Girls.

In MBC’s’Point of Omniscient Interference’, which aired on the 10th, the appearance of Brave Girls appearing in a music broadcast was drawn. They were ahead of the final broadcast of the hit song’Rolin’, which ran in reverse after two weeks of activities.

The members visited the waiting room for Lim Young-woong. Lim Young-woong said, “Suddenly, my hand trembles.” Brave Girls said, “Congratulations to the 1st place candidate” and “same 1st place candidate”.

Lim Young-woong also congratulated, “I congratulate you with Jin. I have loved it since time immemorial.” In the meantime, he showed his fan spirit by showing’Rolin’ stingray dance, saying, “I do stingray dance every day in the waiting room. When a song comes out, I sing immediately.”

In response to the stingray dance, Minyoung sang a verse of’My love like a starlight’, saying, “I love (Lim Youngwoong’s) song, so I have been listening to it even in the car.” He said, “The song rang in my heart,” and Lim Young-woong admired the answer.

In addition, Min-young challenged Lim Young-woong’s eco-personal skills, saying, “I’m a joint 1st place candidate, but I don’t think I’ll be able to take the 1st place, so I’m trying to take even my personal skills.” Lim Young-woong said, “I don’t lose my eco-personal skills wherever I go,” but when he saw Min-young’s personal skills, he admired, “You seem to be better than me.”

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