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Young-woong Lim, donated the 1st prize money to the Green Umbrella Children’s Foundation


[헤럴드경제 = 서병기 선임기자]Emperor Lim Young-woong, Emperor Trot, won 2 million won in prize money to the Green Umbrella Children’s Foundation (Chairman Lee Je-hoon) after becoming a singer at the Gawangjeon in January of Mimitrot.

With the support of fans, Lim Young-woong won a total of 1,473,913 votes, and became the singer for three consecutive times following November and December, and has continued to have good influence by achieving a cumulative donation of 7 million won.

In January, the 2 million won prize money from Gawangjeon will be used to support educational expenses for domestically trained children through the Green Umbrella Children’s Foundation in the name of Lim Young-woong.

Mimi Trot is a mobile app in service with the goal of spreading Trot culture. You can collect and view trot videos, communicate with fans who support the same singer, and donate under the names of singers who have ranked in the top 7 through Gawangjeon every month. In addition to donating through various votes in February, an official from Mimitlot said that an event to promote the singer on a large billboard is also being prepared.

The Green Umbrella Children’s Foundation’s talent cultivation support project, which was donated this time, is a key project that the Children’s Foundation has been continuing for 11 years since 2009, and has outstanding talents and talents in specific fields such as academic, art, and physical education, but has grown talents due to social and economic difficulties It is a representative project of the foundation that selects and supports children who lack the opportunity to do so.

In addition, the Green Umbrella Children’s Foundation announced that an event that regularly helps a child in the name of a singer along with the singer’s fans and delivers a plaque of appreciation to the singer’Sharing Hero’ when 30 fans participate as regular sponsors.

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