Young-woong Lim, a symbol of the current trot fandom era [K-POP 코인]

Young-woong Lim, a symbol of the current trot fandom era [K-POP 코인]

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Youngwoong Lim Coin: In the era of the corona pandemic, the strongest trotcoin in this era that covers the vulnerable with overwhelming fandom firepower.

“The Era of Trot Fandom”

After the success of TV Chosun ‘Mr. Trot’, the popular music market deserves to be called the era of trot fandom in many ways.

Of course, the previous work ‘Miss Trot’ was also a popular program, and the winner, Song Ga-in, became a national star. However, there was only one song-ga-in outlier (an existence that was significantly different from the average and clearly distinguished from other subjects), and ‘Mr. Trot’ produced a number of stars with a strong weight class comparable to that of other idol groups to create one ‘Mr. flow was created.

This can be seen from the fact that only Song Ga-in from ‘Miss Trot 1’ in the 2020 Singer of the Year category announced by Gallup Korea, but ‘Mr. Trot’ has six finalists.

After the completion of ‘Mr. Trot’, the trot fandom showed two major surprises.

One is the tremendous speed of learning fandom culture, and the other is the practical ability to implement the culture that has been learned.

Currently, trot fandoms conduct public transportation advertisements on commemorative dates (debut date, birthday, etc.), actively donate to raise the singer’s brand, and actively participate in various votes made to do business with the idol fandom. Participate.

It has absorbed the fandom culture to such an extent that there is no significant difference from the existing K-pop idol fandom in just one year. Even the level of participation exceeds that of any idol group fandom.

This can be confirmed through the votes held on various apps and websites, and it is often seen that the trot singers (mainly from ‘Mr. Trot’) win in the voting conducted by mixing idols and trot singers.

The voting system of various idol app applications is basically a service created in anticipation of the firepower of the K-POP idol fandom, and the group of artists who boast a unique presence here is a trot singer.

And among them, Lim Young-woong is the one who shows exceptionally great firepower.

Trot, after winning the ‘2020 Brand of the Year’ advertisement model male category – trot singer male category, the ’11th Korea Popular Culture & Arts Awards’ Minister of Culture and Sports Minister’s Commendation, ‘2020 Trot Awards’ 6 awards (Global Star Award) , K Trottainer Award, Popularity Award, Rookie Award, Trot Singer Award chosen by teenagers, Digital Star Award).

In addition to these big awards, he is also taking first place in the voting where K-pop idols seem to be strong at first glance, such as Exciting Dish, My One Pick, Fan N Star, and Idol Charts.

However, there was an event that recently gave a glimpse of the powerful fandom of Lim Young-woong’s fan club, and that is the donation relay of ‘Age of Heroes’ held to commemorate Lim’s birthday on June 16th.

The donation relay, which took place for over a month and a half from early May to mid-June, was the greatest donation ever in almost every aspect, including the amount of money, the region to which the donation was made, and the diversity of the underprivileged that received the donation. According to ‘Age of Heroes’, it was a very large donation amounting to 285,371,817 won (cash: 235,0377 won / goods: 50,271,440 won).

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All donations made by small groups that donated were at least 1 million won, and some small groups also donated more than 10 million won.

Such a donation relay is a very rare case, not to mention among the trot fandoms, and even if you think of it as expanding to the idol fandom. The amount of donations at one time was not small, so the more you look at the donation history, the bigger the surprise.

And in response to the fan club’s donation relay, Lim Young-woong recently made a significant donation.

On his birthday on June 16, Lim Young-woong, together with his agency Fish Music, donated a total of 200 million won to the Community Chest of Korea (Chairman of the Fruit of Love) in the name of ‘Age of Heroes’ to repay the fans who have sent unsparing love. Heung-sik Cho) was donated to

The donation will be used to support projects for vulnerable groups such as children from low-income families and the elderly living alone who are having a difficult time due to the prolonged COVID-19.

The fan club made a huge donation in the name of the singer and the singer in the name of the fan club. This appearance is also very similar to that of the top K-pop idol fandom.

Because fandom culture is also made by people, light and shadow exist. And among the donation culture, fandom culture is the culture that corresponds to the light, and at the same time, it is a culture that is difficult to practice.

This is because, while fighting and malicious comments on the Internet, which can be said to be the shadows of fandom culture, are both harmful and effortless, donations cost money, effort, and time.

Therefore, how active the fandom unit donations are is a measure of how healthy the fandom is and how good people are in the fandom. Even if the fandom is large, if the culture is not healthy, it cannot show such a move.

It’s been a year and a half since Lim Young-woong became the ‘Mr. Trot’ Jin. If it’s long, it’s long and if it’s short, it’s a short time, but it’s not surprising that it’s been a mystery that it has attracted fans of this size from all over the country during this period.

If you think about it a little deeper, this mystery comes closer.

In fact, in the case of the K-pop idol industry (a company, idols, etc.), the importance of fandom has been recognized at least 10 years ago, and methods to increase fandom’s loyalty and scale have been continuously researched. 2021 is the year when those achievements are showing. It’s not so surprising that idols with strong fandoms do a great job and their fans make big donations.

However, trot was a genre that had very little contact with idol-style fandom culture. Even now, it is difficult to see that trot agencies have a high level of understanding of K-POP idol-style fandom culture, and in fact, this is quite natural. This is because the trot singer industry has completely returned to the event market (not the fandom market).

In other words, ‘the know-how of an agency that grows and maintains a fandom’ does not actually exist in trot agencies (including Fish Music, Lim’s agency).

Nevertheless, (based on domestic standards) Lim Young-woong has a fandom that enters the first hands, including idols. This aspect of him is an area that requires research and analysis beyond simple consumption of issues.

An era when the corona pandemic has cut off helping hands for the underprivileged.

And a singer with an all-time fandom who can deliver warmth to various vulnerable groups in this country and all over the country.

With this fact alone, Young-woong Lim deserves to be called “a symbol of the current trot fandom era”.

tvX reporter Lee Jeong-beom / Photo = Fish Music-New Era Project-Korea Gallup-Lim Young-woong Fan Club-Fruit of Love

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