Young-woong Lim → Hee-jae Kim,'Pongsungah School','The 1st TOP6 LAN Line Fan Meeting'

Young-woong Lim → Hee-jae Kim,’Pongsungah School’,’The 1st TOP6 LAN Line Fan Meeting’

Mulberry Academy (Photo = Broadcast capture)

Young-woong Lim, Young-tak, Lee Chan-won, Jang Min-ho, and Kim Hee-jae of the’Pong-Ang-A School’ started various CA activities, burning their enthusiasm for the ‘1st TOP6 LAN Line Fan Meeting’.

The 37th episode of TV CHOSUN’Pongsungah Hakdang’, broadcast on the 3rd, recorded 10.3% of the nationwide ratings based on Nielsen Korea, and the highest ratings in Bundang soared to 12.1%, solidifying the dignity of the No. 1 throne in all demanding entertainment channels. On this day’s broadcast, trotmen gave a big smile to the home theater with the story of Jwa Chung-woo-dol, who challenged individual CA activities from indoor skydiving to cooking, a cappella, and producing.

Along with the news of the ‘1st TOP6 LANsun Fan Meeting’, Trotmen started their respective CA activities. Young-tak and Lee Chan-won, who started the’Cooking Bureau’ CA activity, visited the house of Chef Lee Yeon-bok, and Young-tak expressed their desire to learn simple hamburger dishes, and Lee Chan-won’s desire to learn wonderful dishes that can be served. Before entering the cooking class, the two competed with Chef Lee Yeon-bok’s Chinese wok. In the first egg paper making, Young Tak first scored as Lee Chan-won’s paper was torn, but after that, Lee Chan-won showed off his knife skills and achieved a one-on-one tie. The two of them made use of their past restaurant alba experience to create a great visual omurice with their own style, and Lee Yeon-bok tasted both foods and then gave admiration for Lee Chan-won’s dishes. Afterwards, Lee Yeon-bok recalled the defeat of the table tennis game that took place in the last 24th’Punggi’ special feature, and proposed a rematch to Young-tak, and at the end of the sparkling confrontation, he achieved a turnaround and took the victory. In the karaoke room inside Lee Yeon-bok’s house, Lee Yeon-bok sang’You Outside the Door’ and Lee Chan-won’s’Forget’, followed by Lee Yeon-bok and Young-tak singing’A glass of Makgeolli’ with Lee Yeon-bok’s requested songs. And completed the live in the corner of the room.

Jang Min-ho headed to the indoor skydiving with Jeong Dong-won and Kim Hee-jae, and the three people who saw the skydiving opened their mouths and burst into surprise. And before going into full-fledged flying, I climbed up the trampoline to stretch and warmed up, and competed with climbing strength exercises. While Jang Min-ho recorded 17 seconds and Kim Hee-jae recorded 16 seconds, Jung Dong-won recorded 10 seconds with a movement reminiscent of a monkey and obtained a boarding pass. After completing the basic training, the three men showed tremendous determination and entered the indoor skydiving rink, but Jung Dong-won, who challenged first, provoked laughter with a tumultuous appearance. Eventually, leaving behind Jung Dong-won, who failed, Kim Hee-jae appeared as the second runner and showed a terrifying appearance, but he completely succeeded in flying, rotating 360 degrees, and various postures. The last runner, Jang Min-ho, showed his confidence to show a triple stance and succeeded in his technique one after another, and he admired everyone with his instructor and flying to the top of the airfield.

When he was in college, Youngwoong Lim had a special activity time for’Acapellabu’ with the Chinchins of a cappella club. At the same time as the friends appeared, “Pang-woong has changed” and started to expose the nickname “Jim-Pang-woong” for the first time. Subsequently, Youngwoong Lim showed off’L-0-V-E’ as an a cappella with his friends, and despite being a cappella breathing matched for the first time in a few years, he achieved perfect harmony and drew admiration. Then, the friends cheerfully recalled memories by sharing pictures and videos of the days of Lim Young-woong’s vacation from the military and the blue-and-white freshman days.

Young-tak, who joined the CA activity’Producing Department’, transformed into a producer and had the first meeting with trainees Hong Hyun-hee and Kim Na-hee. First, Kim Na-hee sang’First Love’, which was praised in’Mistrot’, and then Hong Hyun-hee and Kim Na-hee made a fantastic stage together and focused their attention. And a few days later, Young-Tak made a video call to Hong Hyun-hee and Kim Na-hee, and listened to the song’Zero Notice’, which he made. Lastly, Trotmen raised their expectations by releasing spores for the ‘1st LANSUN Fan Meeting’ such as’Unit Stage’,’Ubis Summons’,’Fantastic Stage’ and’Surprise Show’ at the photo shoot that took part in group CA activities. Raised.

Meanwhile, the ‘1st TOP6 LAN Line Fan Meeting’, held at 8 pm on the 14th (Sun), is only available for viewing on’TikTok’ and plans to simultaneously broadcast live through TV Chosun TikTok and TikTok stage accounts.

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