Young-woong Lim → Hee-jae Kim, Tears & Laughs'Minho Jang's 10th Anniversary Party'[종합]

Young-woong Lim → Hee-jae Kim, Tears & Laughs’Minho Jang’s 10th Anniversary Party'[종합]

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Youngwoong Lim, Youngtak, Lee Chanwon, Jung Dongwon, and Kim Heejae showed a strong friendship at a party commemorating the 10th anniversary of Jang Min-ho’s Trot debut at TV Chosun’s’Ponga Soong-A School: Life School’./Photo = TV Chosun’Pong-Ang-A School: Life School’ Broadcast screen capture
“The 10th Anniversary of Jang Min-Ho Trot Debut, Stained with Impression and Laughter!”

‘Pongsungahhakdang: School of Life’ Lim Young-woong, Young-tak, Lee Chan-won, Jeong Dong-won, and Kim Hee-jae successfully held a commemorative party on an ultra-luxury scale for Jang Min-ho, celebrating the 10th anniversary of Trot’s debut.

The 47th episode of TV Chosun’s’Pongsungah Hakdang: Life School’, which aired on the 21st, recorded 10.8% of the nationwide ratings and 12.2% of the highest ratings in Bundang based on Nielsen Korea, solidifying its position as the absolute powerhouse in entertainment on Wednesday. On this day’s broadcast, there was a variety of scenes of a variety of parties, from the surprise camera of Jang Min-ho, who celebrated the 10th anniversary of Trot’s debut, to the confrontation with Park Gu-yoon, Kang Tae-gwan, Shin In-seon, Lee Dae-won, Kim Gyeong-min, and Nam Seung-min of’Turtle 6′.

First of all, TOP6, who headed to their own space to hone their personal skills to be shown at the dinner show for fans, after a while, except for Jang Min-ho, only TOP5 gathered, and Boom-sama gathered this class on March 21, for Jang Min-ho, who celebrated the 10th anniversary of Trot’s debut. It was a surprise show. Soon after, TOP5 started preparing for a’fake quiz show’ to deceive Jang Min-ho, burning academic enthusiasm, and studying the correct answer in advance. In the’Golden Pong Quiz’ held after Jang Min-ho joined, Boom and TOP 5 made him pour out the wrong answer by himself with fantastic acting skills, and Jang Min-ho showed embarrassment, saying, “Really X sell,” when all except himself continued the correct answer march. Caused. And despite the request for a change of seats and lowering the difficulty level, Jang Min-ho was the only one who could not shout the correct answer alone, and finally became a man-in-the-middle and laughed. Next, Mr. Boom presented a bonus question asking the meaning of the new word’G. Jang. Kam’, and Jung Dong-won shouted, “It was Jang Min-ho’s surprise camera so far,” and at the same time, a party statue of Jang Min-ho’s 10th anniversary party, which was hidden behind the banner, appeared. Exposed and surprised Jang Min-ho.

Afterwards, congratulatory video letters from acquaintances from legends Seol Undo and Jang Yoon-jung to actors Park Seong-woong, Shin Ae-ra, and broadcaster Hong Hyun-hee were poured into the party to commemorate the 10th anniversary of Jang Min-ho. Jang Min-ho expressed his sincerity, saying, “I couldn’t live in a single day expecting that a day like this would come,” and said, “If I don’t have those friends, who else can I share this joy with. Thank you so much.” Next, if TOP5 sang a dedication song for Jang Min-ho one by one, and the total heart rate of Jang Min-ho was 450 or higher, the mission was to get two gifts. Jeong Dong-won opened the door of Jang Min-ho’s trot debut song’I Love You Sister’ as’I Love You Uncle’ and shot the heart of Jang Min-ho, but received a somewhat regrettable heart rate of 87 points. Next, Kim Hee-jae, who sang’Sewolah’, scored 95 points, and Lee Chan-won, who selected Jang Min-ho’s’Drama’, scored 101 points. Lim Young-woong thanked Jang Min-ho for taking good care of his younger siblings and gave Kwak Jin-eon’s’proud’ saying, “I am proud to have such an older brother.” Lastly, Young-tak selected Norajo’s’brother’ with heartfelt sincerity to Jang Min-ho, stimulated the tear glands, and received 88 points. In the end, he got two gifts with a total of 457 points.

While TOP6 is enjoying the joy, the door suddenly opened and’Turtle 6’Park Gu-yoon, Kang Tae-gwan, Shin In-seon, Lee Dae-won, Kim Gyeong-min, and Nam Seung-min appeared in surprise. Afterwards, a confrontation for the TOP6 vs. Turtles’ celebration party was held, and in the first game,’Cry in Guyun’, successive Saojungs appeared one after another and formed a sea of ​​laughter. As a result of the confrontation, Lee Dae-won and Kim Kyung-min made a big success and succeeded in five problems, and the Young Tak and Lee Chan-won teams also got into a draw with five problems. In the last game,’It’s just slippery, soccer’ at the soccer field full of soap bubbles, Lim Young-woong-Young-tak-Lee Chan-won, Kang Tae-gwan-Lee Dae-won-Kim Kyung-min sorted out as each team, and as soon as they entered the soccer field, they showed off their body gags and made everyone crawl. While the two teams were competing,’TOP6′ led the first half with Lim Young-woong’s storm dribble and Lee Chan-won’s forced scoring 3-2. In the second half of the match, the laughter bomb continued with a flapping relay reminiscent of a farm, and Jung Dong-won burst into admiration with a super save, but’Turtle 6’scored a goal and scored a 3 to 3 tie. In the end, the two teams took off their laughter for the last 5 minutes after replacing the players and focused on the confrontation, and after a fierce battle,’TOP6′ won the final victory with 5-4.

Viewers who watched the broadcast said, “I sincerely congratulate Minho Jang on the 10th anniversary of Trot’s debut!! Watching the broadcast today, I’ll be crying out!” “How about the acting challenge for Trotmen Lee Cham?! It’s a surprise camera, it’s a real audience feeling!” “It was so nice to see Turtle 6 after a long time!” “I’ll be with our Trotmen forever~!!” “I laugh a lot today, and I cry a lot, and then I go! Pongsungah, Trotman Forever!!”

Meanwhile, TV Chosun’Pongsungahhakdang: Life School’ airs every Wednesday at 10pm

Reporter Lee Kyung-ho

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