Young people pocket $ 3,000 just by sleeping for 1 night per week

At 8 p.m. on Saturday, YouTuber with the nickname Super Mainstream is ready in pajamas, preparing microphones, cameras, lights and monitors around the bed … He prepares to livestream his entire sleep for thousands followers. The audience will send a donate directly to him. This young man actually made a lot of money just from his sleep.

Young men pocket $ 3,000 just by sleeping for 1 night per week - Photo 1.

Images from YouTube channel ‘SUPER MAINSTREAM’

No longer just a basic body activity, sleep has been used by content creators to make money. Interest in many of YouTube’s sleep livestreams hit an all-time high in the first week of January 2021. Searches for such sleep videos were up 426% from the same period last year. More than 170 videos appeared in the first 3 weeks of January, compared with a total of 500 videos during 2020. It seems that paying to watch someone sleep is becoming increasingly common.

Many people like to watch live content sleep because they feel it “Peaceful and comfortable as if you were with someone”.

Young people pocket $ 3,000 just by sleeping for 1 night per week - Photo 2.

Just sleep, the Streamer attracts thousands of viewers and makes a lot of money (illustration)

This seems like a very simple task: the young Super Mainstream is sleeping while followers try to wake him up by texting, sending videos, songs through the Alexa smart speaker.

Fans will pay about $ 3 to be able to activate the Alexa smart speaker’s text-to-speech function, ask it to do anything from revealing the streamer’s address, buying Amazon or even. call the police …

The 21-year-old Streamer shared with Vice that he could earn nearly $ 3,000 from the live stream of sleep for 6 hours, once a week.

“I usually play livestreams and Saturday nights because it is a time for everyone to rest and have fun. My mission is to become entertainment for the weekend night.”, SuperMainstream said. As the COVID-19 pandemic became increasingly unpredictable, interest in his videos increased, because weekends were limited, many people didn’t have much to do at the end. week. His YouTube channel gained 2,000 subscribers in the last livestream.

Young people pocket $ 3,000 just by sleeping for 1 night per week - Photo 3.

In fact, SuperMainstream isn’t the first YouTube channel to create sleep video content. This trend started in 2017 when former streamer Ice Poseidon made $ 5,000 by filming his own night’s sleep. In particular, after Asian Andy – a vlogger with more than 1 million registrations, makes viewers laugh with a rare accident. This content quickly became a popular trend and was well received by many people.

Lupita, an 18-year-old from the US who regularly monitors sleep videos on YouTube, said part of the attraction came from chatting with other viewers watching the livestream all night.

“If you can’t go out and have nothing busy, you tend to watch YouTube videos when you’re tired. I often watch sleep livestream videos because they happen quite late.”, Lupita shares.

Others said they find intimate, emotional experiences when watching someone deep asleep. Abby, another 18-year-old American, often waits for his favorite streamer to start streaming sleep every night. Instead of trying to wake up the main character, she does “I love being able to look over the screen and watch someone deserve a good night’s sleep”.

Young people pocket $ 3,000 just by sleeping for 1 night per week - Photo 4.

The demand for connection of people in the internet environment is increasing. This allows streamers to monetize something as simple as going to bed in front of the camera. The new Milow Stream channel has been operating since the end of December 2020 but has attracted more than 40,000 views and earned $ 1,200 in donations in just a few weeks.

“I simply set up a camera and slept the way I wanted, trying to forget about the existence of those watching me”, Milow Stream explained. This natural approach allows Milow to appeal to a wide audience, mainly between the ages of 18 and 35. Some consider Milow’s sleep tracking to be like “Peaceful, comfortable with someone”.

Milow Stream also revealed that many people liked to tease him while watching the livestream. However, the “audience” does not want him to do ridiculous tricks, because they are more than capable of finding them at other sites.

The streamers still make money while sleeping, so they will continue to pursue the trend of “less work but still eat” …


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