Young people don’t speak martial arts? SUZUKI “HAYABUSA” of the old and new generations catches each other!

How can I know how much the new car has improved? Of course, it’s the easiest and clearest to play a fight! A few days ago, SUZUKI in Australia shot a highly publicized video for its new-generation speed machine “Hayabusa”. Professional riders challenged 0-400 meters to accelerate, allowing fans to see the reality of this reborn peregrine falcon. How is the performance.

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Since they have all reached the zero-four acceleration track, it is reasonable to have an opponent. As for the opponent’s option, of course, Hayabusa is enough for the second-generation goal.

There is a specialization in the technical industry. Of course, it is most appropriate to speed up the racer to drive, and the driver is to invite the four-time acceleration champion Maurice Allen to serve.

Next, the protagonist of the film, the latest generation Hayabusa, has many sharper lines than the “predecessors” under the same structure.

The driver’s part is to invite veteran Steve Martin, who has both the World Endurance Championship and the Australian Superbike Championship.

As the lights went out and started, the duel between the old and new generations also officially started.

Both generations of Hayabusa have a violent power of 190 horsepower, so that the front wheels of both are pulled into the air at the start. Perhaps the new generation Hayabusa has anti-floating intervention in the electronic control, and the front wheel floating is smaller than the second-generation model.

Of course, the final result is conceivable. The third generation Hayabusa won the victory. However, the senior is not a fuel-efficient lamp. He lost only 0.1 second. It can be seen that it is impossible to shake this speed machine without sufficient strength.

As for the whole acceleration process, let everyone enjoy it together~

The term “Falcon” is a coveted product for the majority of car fans, and it is a love letter written by SUZUKI to speed enthusiasts. Especially in the context of environmental protection awareness and energy transition issues, it is even more commendable that automakers are willing to develop large-displacement models. If you have enough power, maybe now is a great opportunity to get this first generation of Mingji, after all, no one can guarantee whether there will be a successor model in the future, right?

Original Source: Young people don’t speak martial arts?The old and new generations of SUZUKI HAYABUSA zero four speed up catching and fighting

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