You will be surprised to learn about the origin of the chain of Sa Tăng's skulls
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You will be surprised to learn about the origin of the chain of Sa Tăng’s skulls

Tay Du Ky is a film associated with many people’s childhood. The story tells the story of the road to Tay Truc to request the arduous sutras of four teachers and students: Master of the Tripitaka and his three disciples, Sun Wukong, Zhuchang, and the Sangha. Along the way, the four teachers and students had to deal with many devilish demons, sometimes thinking that the group sometimes disbanded, but because of unanimous efforts, they successfully took the experience.

The legend of Sa Tang's skull chain

In the movie, there are four main characters and a horse that always appears throughout the episodes. With different character lines, leaving a separate impression for viewers, such as Tang Tang, who is a disciple of Buddha is a monk, due to mistakes, was filled to the ceiling and suffered death. Tang Tang is the spiritual leader in the group, who persistently does not care about rich and precious beauty, just trying to get the scriptures. Tang Tang’s limitation is gullibility in people, not distinguishing between good and evil to avoid. And Ton Wukong is an agile, resourceful character who has fiery eyes, easily discovering that demons harmed four teachers and students, and their divine bravery makes them tremble, thereby protecting them. master and teachers. Besides, there was the character of Tru Bat Gioi, who was Thien Bong marshal, chief of the Thien Ha navy, and because of manipulating Hang Nga, he was sent to the ceiling to be reincarnated as a pig, becoming a ferocious demon. Later, Sun Wukong surrendered and became a disciple of Tang Tang to request the sutras. Tru Bat Gioi is an gluttonous, sleepy, and lazy person who brings joy and attraction to the movie. Finally, Sa Tăng, which is Quyen Liem, a general who served next to Ngoc Hoang, broke a cup of wine at Hoi Ban Dao while drunk, so he was filled in the Luu Sa river as a monster. Like Zhuge Liang, Sa Sang was also surrendered by Sun Wukong and carried luggage to request Buddhist prayers for Tang Tang. The character of this character is a pure and industrious person. But in the first appearance, Sa Tăng has the appearance of a monster wearing 9 skulls …

In the story of Tay Du Ky Sa Tang is described by the author as follows: “All over my head, my hair is messy, my eyes are round and bright like a lamp, my face is dark, my scream is thunderous, I am wearing a goose feather. gold, white forest rattan belt, 9 skulls necklace, ferocious scepter handle ”.

The origin of the skull

In this paragraph describing Sa Sang, we will probably feel the most impressed with the chain of 9 skulls that Sa Tăng wears on his neck. The origin of this necklace is very special, the 9 skulls on the chain are the previous lives of Tang Tang, when they crossed this Luu Sa river, they were murdered and eaten 9 times by Sa Tang. According to legend, the water of this river flows very strongly, even goose feathers cannot float, but strangely, when Sa Tăng threw 9 heads into the river, it floated on the water surface. Because it was a strange object, Sa Tăng took it up and put it on a necklace.

Later when he was conquered, Sa Sang removed the skull chain from his neck with the Bodhisattva’s lake, and made a nine-bow string to form a boat, at which time all four teachers and students passed Liu Sa. .

That bracelet helped Tang Tang cross the river

Only after completing the mission of bringing Duong Tang across the river, 9 skulls will be “super-escaped”, turning into 9 negative wind streaks that fly away. That is to say, the previous 9 lifetimes of Tang Tang did not go to waste, helping the Tripitaka complete the cultivation path in this life.


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