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you will be able to downgrade to Windows 10, but only for 10 days

Windows 11 users may be able to downgrade to Windows 10 if the operating system is not suitable for them for some reason. However, they will only have 10 days to do so.

With Windows 11, Microsoft is preparing to introduce new features, a new Start menu, a clean taskbar, a lean and airy interface and many other new features. So this represents a lot of changes for the next operating system including the release is expected this fall. Even the blue screen of death will change color. Therefore, some users may not necessarily like new features brought by Windows 11.

Windows 11 – Credit: Microsoft

In this case, Microsoft has confirmed that you will be able to downgrade to Windows 10 if Windows 11 is not right for you for some reason. Only here, it is not so simple. Besides the fact that the death of Windows 10 is scheduled for 2025, Microsoft has provided a rather short time frame to let you downgrade. You will be able to return to Windows 10 for only 10 days.

You will only have 10 days to get back to Windows 10 keeping your files and data

Microsoft provides more details in the Windows 11 FAQ on his site. He answers the following question: ” can i go back to windows 10 after updating if i don’t like windows 11? “. According to the Redmond firm, “ Yes. After you upgrade to Windows 11, you have 10 days to revert to Windows 10 while still keeping the files and data you carried. After this time, you will need to back up your data and perform a clean install to get back to Windows 10 ».

So, downgrading from Windows 11 to Windows 10 is a very easy process to perform and you won’t even need to manually back up your files. However, things get complicated beyond the 10-day deadline. A reinstallation of Windows 10 after 10 days will automatically remove your files, settings and apps. It will therefore be necessary to save everything and reinstall manually, which is not necessarily easy for all users.

Finally, you can already check the compatibility of your computer with Windows 11. You just have to download and launch the software. PC Health Check that Microsoft makes available free of charge. Nevertheless, don’t worry if your computer appears to be incompatible. Indeed, Microsoft could revise the minimum configuration downwards.

Source : BGR

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