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A creative Twitter user created a Malaysian version of a chaotic parking “warning card” for troubled drivers to condemn and warn drivers who caused trouble for others.

A Twitter user, Shafiq, retweeted on Friday that a foreign man received a warning card that mocked other people’s parking technology, while issuing a warning card he had created. It is reported that Shafiq’s “Warning Card” was created based on numerous news reports and social media complaints about parking issues.

The front of Shafic’s card reads “You parking like an idiot!” There is a steering wheel and a pig in the middle of the card. The pig said, “That’s not you, it’s me.” There is also a black line: Please those drivers who parked randomly Go back to class and learn how to park, you are not the only one driving in Malaysia. On the back of the card is a list of “guilts”, with a small paragraph of taunts next to each “guilt.”

After summing up the opinions of netizens, Shafiq produced a new warning card: he changed the pig into a human head, accompanied by the dialogue of “What did I do?”, And changed the red text: “You are cruel to park. Responsible, selfish “, and” Please consider re-learning or re-driving because your parking skills are poor. “

The “guilt” on the back has also been updated, such as “Please pay more attention to your surroundings, don’t be too selfish, please respect others, you are not the only one paying road tax. But seriously, please learn how to park.”

His old version of the warning card received 14,000 retweets and 13,000 love on Twitter, and he later posted on Saturday that he started selling the new version of the warning card online, with 100 RM30 per box , 50 sheets of RM18 per box.

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