You may have underestimated the “leverage effect” of Weibo in gaming out of the circle

A classic IP page game converted to a mobile game, with over one million users on the first day of launch. So far, it has generated nearly 50 Weibo hot searches and a total of more than 4.7 billion readings on related topics. Looking back at the beginning of June, the mobile game “Moore Manor” turned out to become a social platform traffic upstart, with constant topics, and it strongly ranked first on the Weibo hot search list, and it has been on the list for more than a week.

There has been no such achievement in the mobile gaming circle for a long time. Surprisingly, the operator of this mobile game claims almost zero purchases. According to AppGrowing data, 32 ads were placed on the mobile game “Moore Manor” on the day it was launched, and there were almost no additional releases. Another popular item under Thunder Games, “Yi Nian Xiaoyao”, had about 3,000 ads on the first day of launch. This also highlights the importance of distribution channel selection.

Unlike the current game industry that generally chooses short video platforms for promotion, Gigabit’s Thunder Games chose the Weibo platform when it released the mobile game “Moore Manor”.

Behind this, as a mainstream domestic social platform, Weibo has been low-key in the Chinese game market with a market size of hundreds of billions for a long time. We sorted it out and found that Weibo is becoming a lever to help new games get out of the circle.

Social fission: helping classic IP to establish associations with potential users

“Moore Manor” is a web game released in 2008. The game builds an illusory world with a city in real life as the background, attracting users born in the 95s who happened to be teenagers at the time. Now these users have grown into the mainstay of the Internet.

In this context, you may subconsciously associate the success of the mobile game “Moore Manor” with the user base and sentiments of the IP itself. But you actually overlooked the role of another protagonist in this feast. The return of classic IP needs effective publicity. Relying on its user advantages and social out-of-circle ability, Weibo, with the help of fans’ tap water effect, made the game ushered in a wave of rapid growth as soon as it went online.

Unlike the current industry that generally chooses to promote purchases of potential users on short video platforms, Weibo has reached a wider range of people with its keen capture of hot searches and its ability to cover the entire network. The strong willingness of Weibo users to discuss and share can also help the game to spread again, and the conversion rate will further increase. Not only that, people in the game industry found that players from Weibo also have higher retention rates and willingness to pay.

With 530 million monthly active users and 230 million daily active users, Weibo has unique advantages in creating hotspots, promoting topic dissemination, and cross-industry cooperation, and has become a key position for the promotion of many games. Currently, Weibo is also consciously constructing links that are beneficial to game announcements.

For the mobile game “Moore Manor”, from the warm-up period, the detonation period to the duration period, Weibo has developed a rhythmic communication plan based on the concept of content, hot spots, and drainage to enhance the brand’s popularity in the public opinion field. The volume of sound promotes breaking the circle.

The appointment countdown function was launched on Weibo after the official date. Enter the topic # Moore Manor#, you will see a series of huge countdown numbers. After the user successfully booked the product, the Weibo pop-up window and private message will promptly remind the user to deepen the user’s impression of the event information. When the set time is reached, Weibo will also push event information through the user’s mobile phone calendar to increase end-user participation.

During the detonation period, Weibo took advantage of the public sentiments on Children’s Day and launched the first Weibo hot search, creating an emotional resonance with the mobile game “Moore Manor”, which is the main theme. At the same time, get through Weibo and the game terminal, issue cards on the Weibo super page, click to jump in the game, and stimulate activity with activity. Based on product features, they also customize super-call badges, emoticons dropped by fan groups, etc., to activate private domain traffic and cultivate user loyalty.

Super call issuance

At the same time, based on data insights, Weibo aims at the core post-95s and female users, and pre-buried hot topics with social potential, such as “What is the experience of playing Moore Manor at the age of 20” and “How to prevent thieves in Moore Manor”. KOLs from multiple vertical circles were selected to participate, which led to grass planting and discussion, and finally reached the result of 33 hot searches on Weibo in the first week.

After entering the continuation period, Weibo assisted the promotion of the “Moore Manor” brand, used celebrity effects to build momentum, and used red envelope activities to activate fans’ enthusiasm for participation. At the same time, the “Moore Manor” officially launched #明星摩养成计划# to collect content from users and issue high bonuses to stimulate users’ creative desires and improve the Moore Weibo ecosystem. According to the data, over 37,000 UGC works have been solicited within 6 days of going online.

After this set of combined punches, the game’s social assets continue to accumulate, and Weibo has successfully assisted the social communication of the phenomenon-level mobile game in 2021. According to data, from June 1st to June 7th, “Moore Manor” mobile game official blog fans increased by 290,000 net fans, followed by a net increase of 280,000 fans of Chaohua, the average number of posts increased by over 130,000, and the average daily sign-in number increased by 4780%. .

Brand activities: Precipitate game users and increase opportunities to break the circle

The layout of Weibo in the game industry has long exceeded the attention of the outside world. At present, the layout of Weibo includes two major sections: Weibo games and Weibo e-sports. Among them, there are two main players in Weibo games, namely, publicity and brand activities. In addition to the publicity model similar to “Moore Manor”, the creation of high-quality brand activities is also helping the game industry to gain more user attention.

In the past period of time, Weibo games have successively launched a series of brand activities of “Games New Year Market”, “Spring Hunting Season” and “Summer Holiday Season”, which mainly connect manufacturers and players through the establishment of new social scenes. Up to now, Weibo has Cooperate with more than 100 popular games such as “Glory of the King”, “Elite of Peace”, “Hundred Scenes of the South of the Yangtze River”, and “The Original God”.

“Games New Year Market” is one of the key marketing projects in the 2021 Weibo two-dimensional game field. As a social platform that carries multiple circles, the number of core users of Weibo games exceeds 99 million, and Generation Z accounts for 70%. The Z generation is the group most interested in ACG culture. In the ACG field, the two-dimensional game IP is an important part. This also means that Weibo games have a greater degree of compatibility with animation users, providing opportunities for breaking the circle.

The data shows that the number of core animation users on Weibo is nearly 70 million, the annual volume of newly-added animation topic reading exceeds 500 billion, and the volume of newly-added animation video interaction exceeds 110 million. With the enthusiasm of the majority of Weibo animation users, the “Games New Year Market” as a two-dimensional marketing project has increased the probability of breaking the circle several times, and the brand recognition and influence can also be greatly improved.

Another important event, “Summer Vacation Season”, mainly hosts the Weibo game reservation function, opening up the pain points of content consumption in all scenes of Weibo games. Users can complete the steps of one-click reservation and download reservation while obtaining game information on Weibo, forming a closed functional loop.

Of course, the “Summer Season” is also constantly iterating its own gameplay. After the mobile game “Moore Manor”, it has more than 80 popular games about to be launched, such as “League of Legends Mobile Game”, “Devil May Cry-Battle of the Peak” and “Phantom Tower”. Linkage, and launch a welfare broadcast activity for the first time from June 3rd. Users can get game-related rewards by booking games through Weibo, which greatly stimulates user enthusiasm and improves conversion rate.

Not only that, Weibo is the only social media platform that broadcasts welfare during the Spring Festival, which has attracted a large number of users and has become the preferred social platform for game brands to connect players. Data shows that the series of brand activities have attracted 450 million people to participate in total, 48.5 billion readings on related topics, 10.49 million blog posts, 1.29 billion video views, and the volume of voices is increasing day by day.

In addition to the mutual complementation of Weibo games and brands, Weibo will also link hundreds of celebrities and big Vs in the site to participate, and use social empowerment games at various nodes to create a new online immersive digital entertainment social experience. This is an important attempt for Weibo to build a game community, and it also reflects Weibo’s determination to develop the game industry.

Data insight: build a perfect game e-sports ecosystem

Using data insights, the mobile game “Moore Manor” quickly planted grass in users’ hearts. In fact, this ability is more obvious in the field of gaming e-sports, which is also another important section of Weibo’s layout in the gaming field.

Industry insiders pointed out that the combination of Weibo and e-sports is mainly due to the high overlap of the two tags of gaming and e-sports among Weibo users. A piece of data shows that in the voting for the content of accounts in the most wanted game field, game/event official accounts accounted for about 50%, and domestic teams/clubs accounted for nearly 40%.

In addition, about 70% of Weibo e-sports users are male, and they are mainly born after 95. They have huge consumption potential and highly match the demands of e-sports brands. This provides a natural user base for Weibo games to deploy the e-sports industry.

At present, Weibo has built a complete e-sports ecosystem, with business covering content deepening, player and anchor packaging, ecological cooperation, and commercialization; events covering popular products such as “League of Legends”, “King of Glory”, and “Peace Elite”; attracting games Development operators, clubs, players and other e-sports industry chain upstream and downstream settled in. Data shows that the mainstream e-sports teams that users follow have all entered Weibo, and the rate of players opening blogs has exceeded 90%.

Not only that, Weibo also cooperates with Tencent e-sports. As an official cooperative social media platform, Weibo’s accumulated and upgraded product advantages can provide Tencent e-sports with full-scenario and multi-faceted recommendation resources, as well as social game operation guidance such as super chat communities and fan groups. At the same time, in conjunction with Tencent’s e-sports project, Weibo will also arrange multiple interactive tools to consolidate brand impressions and enrich the product experience of e-sports users.

Regarding competition cooperation, take the LPL that has reached cooperation on Weibo e-sports for five consecutive years as an example. Relying on Weibo’s comprehensive social interaction system and the advantages of breaking the circle of hot spots in the whole field, they provide the competition itself and its 17 LPL clubs, including Customized services such as content operation and communication, brand communication, and commercial co-creation, including LPL creation competitions, self-made events, and club vlogs, celebrity player-derived content, etc., empower brand rights and help the widespread dissemination of events.

Statistics show that this year’s LPL Spring Games, a total of 316 topics were listed on Weibo Hot Search, and 39.75 million players discussed LPL events on Weibo. The total reading volume of related topics exceeded 45.6 billion, and the total number of short videos played on the whole site exceeded 38. Billion, the relevant accounts have gained 3.74 million followers, which shows the operational communication capabilities and value of Weibo e-sports.

In addition to the mature e-sports ecosystem, Weibo e-sports is also exploring the industry’s richer extension and out-of-circle possibilities. In June of this year, they officially launched a brand-new project-Chaowanxing Project.

The Super Play Star Project is the first E-sports industry concept label defined by Weibo. It aims to fully tap the social influence and commercial value of players, and incubate the celebrity IPs of game players with the potential to break the circle and become stars. They will start from the four dimensions of rice circle culture, competition cooperation, cross-border marketing, and commercial realization to create a closed ecosystem of Weibo and e-sports. In the previous process of packaging events and players, they have accumulated a wealth of experience.

In the future, we may be able to see brand peripheral products, magazine blockbusters, celebrity cross-dimensional collaborations, online columns, etc. launched around the celebrity IP. Grasp the deep meaning of the slogan.

In the past two years, Weibo has continuously increased its layout in the game field. The successful distribution of many games and the ecological layout of the e-sports industry have made the entire game industry chain begin to notice that Weibo is becoming an indispensable link. The social fragmentation of Weibo users has brought huge variables to the entire industry.

After exploring a fairly complete and effective operation method and marketing strategy, it may be to be seen how Weibo can leverage the game industry in the future.

Source: Game Top


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