I'm not using it The board recommends that people stay indoors to prevent COVID-19 infection at a bus stop in London, UK, on ​​January 10, 2021. (Photo: THX / TTXVN)

On February 7, UK Minister of Vaccination Nadhim Zahawi said the country would not apply “vaccine passport“COVID-19 room, but people will be able to request confirmation of their vaccinations from a doctor in case they need to travel to other countries.”

“We certainly do not want vaccination passports as part of the vaccination program,” Zahawi told Sky News.

The idea of ​​”vaccine passport” or vaccination passport has been mentioned by a number of businesses, including Microsoft, Salesforce, Oracle … and countries around the world.

Israel also recently announced a “green passport,” allowing vaccinated people to eat in restaurants, attend public events and travel freely.

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On the same day, German Economy Minister Peter Altmaier said that the country should not relax much restrictive measures was imposed to prevent the spread of COVID-19, after the full blockade was due to expire on February 14.

According to the Vietnam News Agency in Berlin, speaking on the Bild am Sonntag newspaper, Mr. Altmaier warned: “The number of new infections is now almost not lower than at the end of October 2020 when the limited blockade started. The number of new infections has dropped dramatically in just two weeks, but the death rate is still very high.

On the prospect of reopening the Easter catering industry, Minister Altmaier said that it is very likely, but when the country breaks the chain of infections in early spring, at the latest, Easter. birth (early April).

A YouGoV Research Institute survey found that 37% of Germans favor an extension of restrictions after February 14, even 13% in favor of further tightening, meanwhile, 30% of respondents support loosening and 13% support complete relaxation, 7% have no opinion.

I'm not using it One-point sampling COVID-19 in Berlin, Germany on December 23, 2020. (Photo: AFP / VNA)

Concerning the vaccination vaccine COVID-19, speaking in the newspaper Funke Mediengruppe, Minister of Education Anja Karliczek advocates early vaccination of teachers with vaccines of the pharmaceutical company AstraZeneca (UK).

According to Ms. Karliczek, early vaccination of these occupational groups will help normalize school and kindergarten operations.

Meanwhile, the German Teachers Association also wants a step-by-step plan for the reopening of schools. The association has called on Chancellor Angela Merkel and the heads of states to adopt a step-by-step plan that unifies binding criteria for the opening of schools in the next consultation on Feb. 10.

According to the Robert Koch Institute of Epidemiology (RKI) on the morning of February 7, in the past 24 hours, German health agencies recorded an additional 8,616 new infections and 231 deaths./.

Minh Chau-Thanh Binh (VNA / Vietnam +)