You are slowing down your computer without noticing: 5 common habits

You are slowing down your computer without noticing: 5 common habits

Share with you some of your simple experiences to handle when your computer is slow, and most of them are due to our accidental habits, nothing complicated. This article is applicable for both Windows and macOS.

1. Run too much software or open too many tabs

This is of course a computer that will slow down considerably, but many times we are too focused on our work and forget about closing out unused apps or browser tabs. I currently practice the habit of not using the software, it will turn it off, need a few days of practice to get used. I realize the probability that I need a software after I close it is quite small so this does not affect my productivity.


Opening too many browser tabs, especially Chrome, is also slowing down your device whether you're using Windows or Mac. Seldom do you need more than 20 tabs to open at the same time, whichever is better then close it to make it healthier, especially computers that are not too powerful. Not to mention opening too many browser tabs will make the battery drain even more.

2. See what you want, click OK

This is harmful when you miss approval for a malicious software or malicious website to run, even if the computer or browser has warned before. Please take the time to carefully read the messages that pop out, don't auto click OK as a habit because this is more harmful than good. Whether you use Windows or Mac, it is still possible to stick with malware or ad-malware programs so don't be subjective. Once you are online means you are entering an environment full of "mines". : D

3. Slow computer or slow network?

It sounds silly, but myself and the people around me sometimes think the computer is slow while the problem is actually on the Internet. Slow networks make slow chat applications send messages, browsers load longer, download processes take longer, scripts run for work forever … In most cases you see jobs If I slow down, check the Internet connection.


4. Remember to clean up your computer for a long time

Usually when the storage, SSD or HDD, is full, the computer will slow down because the operating system cannot save the necessary temporary files. They take a lot of time (and resources) to delete other temporary files so the new computer runs slowly. Occasionally remember to see how much free space is available, see too little (below 15GB), start cleaning up just fine.

More reference to computer cleaning:

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5. Watch your device too hot

When your computer gets too hot, it starts to slow down a bit. Usually this comes from heavy applications that are consuming resources and causing CPU and GPU to handle a lot. If you think that you don't need it, turn it off, and the app that's still in use is fine.

Another reason to make it hot is because you are sitting in a hot environment, or you accidentally cover the computer's heat sink without knowing it. For example, when you use a laptop in bed, the heat sink slot is covered by the bed, so the heat dissipation is less, the heater is hotter. Some laptop heat sinks to the back but too close to the wall also reduce the cooling effect of the device. Check around and make sure it can cool down.

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