You are about to test for nCoV exposure

He will expose volunteers to nCoV to learn more about the virus, after the country’s medical ethics agency allows testing to be launched.

On February 17, the UK became the first country in the world to allow volunteers to contact nCoV to promote epidemic medical research. The trial will begin within the next month, 90 healthy 18-30 year old volunteers will be exposed to nCoV in a controlled environment, UK Department of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy issues a statement on 17 / 2.

An employee at a medical facility in England last year. Image: hVIVO.

The test is to determine the smallest amount of virus needed to infect, probe the body’s immune response and learn how the virus spreads from person to person.

Participants will be closely monitored by 24/7 doctors and scientists. The team adds that the virus used will be the one that spread in the UK last year, not the recently emerging variant. The UK government budgeted 46.6 million USD for this experiment.

The trial is expected to give doctors a better understanding of Covid-19, as the immune response needed to fight the virus, helping to support vaccine development and treatment. Participants are required to register via the UK Covid Challenge website.

“Despite very positive progress in vaccine development, we want to find the best and most effective vaccines for long-term use.” Business Minister Kwasi Kwarteng said. The research, he said, “will help scientists increase their understanding of how nCoV affects humans and could ultimately spur rapid vaccine development”.

The UK government says its clinical research facilities are specifically designed to safely store the virus. After the first phase of the study ends, vaccines that have been shown to be safe in clinical trials may be given to a small number of volunteers exposed to nCoV, to help determine the effective vaccine. Best.

“Our ultimate goal is to determine which vaccines and treatments are most effective in defeating the disease, but we need the support of volunteers,” said lead researcher Chris Chiu, from Imperial College London, said.

Britain, one of the countries most severely affected in the world by Covid-19 with more than 118,000 deaths, was the first Western country to begin the immunization campaign. They hit a milestone over the weekend before 15 million high-risk people had their first shot. The government targets 17 million more injections by the end of April, including all people over the age of 50.

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