"You are a young man", the first film of Yi Qianqianxi

“You are a young man”, the first film of Yi Qianqianxi

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Wonderful film review of the movie “You are a teenager”

1. The biggest feeling from the movie “You are in the young” is that we may fall into the dark quagmire. At this time, if someone is with you, take a hand, so that you will not be full of despair in this world, and will not give up this world. People can even renew the courage to face the world and renew their confidence and hope for the future. That would be really appreciated. This is salvation. As a teenager, you emphasize mutual companionship, common redemption, and bravely face all darkness together, and walk towards a bright future together!

2. A good movie has its practical significance! There is no filter without Mary Su’s youth and pain, but this is the memory of most of us. If I had a boy like that as a young man, who didn’t grow up to be an adult, but was willing to stand in front of me in a protective posture, I think I would be more brave. The slogan says, “You protect the world, I protect you”, but in fact I want to say that only with you who protects me can I protect the world!

3. This movie reflects what is happening in a certain corner of society today. It is the right choice to avoid the problem and face the problem directly! The performance of the two leading actors is very attentive. Dongyu Zhou’s acting skills have always affected my heart, and Yi Yang Qianxi surprised me. From Si Cheng Li Mi of Jing’an Temple to Xiaobei, he submitted a satisfactory answer to his fans and audiences, and the future of the teenager is promising!

4. The movie is pretty good, so school violence should be severely punished. Recently, I saw a ten-year-old girl died in vain due to underage crimes. When I saw a movie on this subject, I really shed tears. I haven’t cried so much after watching the movie for a long time. The acting skills of the heroine Zhou Dongyu and the actor Yi Yang Qianxi are also great It’s outstanding, and in short it’s a great movie!

5. The movie “Youth in Youth” is great. Our screen needs such a theme, and we need to focus the audience’s attention more on people who are ordinary and difficult but also working hard to live. One stroke of the word is to support each other, so many of us can support more people together, so that the future of all of us and even the future of our next generation will be bathed in the sun.

6. From the perspective of the novel, it is a boy’s protection for a girl, the existence of two people becoming sunshine to each other in the dark, and a silent resistance to the world. It is also the first movie of Yi Qianqianxi, watching his life in Xiaobei when he was 17 years old, doing rebellion that he didn’t have in his bones and letting him know all the sinisterness and extreme gentleness in the world. I hope that the 18-year-old you can also see the 17-year-old you, look at Xiaobei! Look at the other life you have shaped.

7. Facing the fall, they were busy taking pictures and sending WeChat messages, and she was the only one who covered her clothes. Faced with the bullying, they pretended not to see it, and only she chose to call the police. She became the next person to be bullied because of her clothes; she was retaliated wildly because of the police. Those who stand by are safe, but are implicated in stopping the evil. No one will care if you are bullied, and you will be taken care of as soon as the person who bullied you dies. You can’t get protection from being hurt, and you’ll never miss a day if you commit a crime. At the beginning, you didn’t pay much attention to what happened to you; but now I want to close the case as soon as possible and let you accept legal sanctions. Everyone says they can help you, but no one can help you. Educated does not necessarily mean high quality; you can also be kind and honest without going to school.

8. From summer to autumn, a long-awaited movie! Everyone has a holy place in his heart, where it belongs to a person who wants to protect with all the future. Chen Nian is the person Xiaobei wants to protect with all the future. That sentence: But I like someone and I want to give her the best ending. Two people who are forgotten in the corner are like sunshine entering each other’s lives. If you want to protect the world, then I will protect you. Teenagers have become a reliance on mutual trust. After the college entrance examination, we become adults, but there has never been a lesson taught us how to become adults and how to face the adult world. Even though life is dark, the boy still looks up at the stars. Believe in the real, in the beautiful, in the good, in “believe” itself. Although youth is painful, as a teenager, you must always have expectations for the future!


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