YOSHIMURA launches CT125 dedicated “instrument goggles”

YOSHIMURA has launched a dedicated instrument goggles for CT125, as well as exclusive stickers, allowing you to easily change the appearance of your car.

The instrument goggles are made of FRP, which are not only available in red and brown close to the original factory, but also in black material styles without paint, allowing consumers to customize the color according to their own preferences.

Instrument goggles for CT125

■Brown (color close to the original factory)

■Red (color close to the original factory)

■Unpainted black

Material: made of FPR
Included accessories: stainless steel bracket (improving durability and miniaturization), fixing screws, stickers


※When installing, you must drill two 9.6mm fixed lock points on the headlight (with positioning paper for drilling)
※The attached sticker may fade or change color under long-term use.
※Due to the material characteristics, there may be cavities or irregularities on the surface of the goggles.
※The black version sold without baking paint must be surface treated (such as sanding, spraying primer, etc.) before painting.

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YOSHIMURA brand new product page

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